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  • earthtomessageboard earthtomessageboard Apr 22, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Bagholder Elite Updated:

    The following is a list of the most shameless bagholding pumptards on this board. Their names must be called out to protect the innocent investor that accidently stumbles across this message board.

    Warning: These individuals are armed with multiple alias and extremely dangerous to your financial net worth. Absolutely do not approach these individuals for investment advice on this or any other stock. They are absolutely ruthless and would push a plastic junk phone on their own grandmothers if it meant the price of this junk stock would increase by a nickel.

    Please feel free to add any names to the list.

    1. fr3nchmodel (the Al Capone of the bagholding elite. No works harder at pumping and backslapping and congratulating than this shameless pumper.
    2. harleymark437 (may be an alias of fr3nchmodel as they engage in constant conversation and the swapping of song lyrics on down days)
    3. urbanphantom (renowned for his calling card slogan "Rocket to the moon!!!!!!". He will constantly tell you how Nokia will go up because it has tied its fate to MSFT and MSFT will never let it go down.
    4. nicoboy (always adding huge amounts of money to his imaginary position. At this point he must already own at least 1% of the company)
    5. ineedastock (he is famous for his in depth market research by being in social networking contact with two college girls in Nepal who swear to him that Nokia is the must-have phone in mainland China.
    6. smithofborneo (a seemingly pleasant fellow who will constantly tell you how much Nokia phones are in demand in Abu Dhabi. He is also always buying a new Lumia phone. By this point, he must have several hundred.
    7. onmythirdmillion (always around when the others are. May be an alias of fr3nchmodel or any of the other bagholding elite above)
    8. Jblivebetter (endlessly pumping multiple Paid websites for pumping and dumping purposes. NOKIApowerusers for one.

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    • Thank you for submitting your sighting of another fanatical pumptard to the investing community. Jblivebetter slipped through the nets like Moqtadah Al-Sadr. He can now be added to the list for the safety of the community. These Nokia fundamentalists are truly sucide bombers of financial terror. In order to wipe out your life savings they are willing to sacrifice their own. They are unbending in their beliefs and care little for theIir own well being and will easily die for their bagholding dogma. This is rooted in their belief system. Since if they go broke in the name of Nokia, Elop will give them 72 plastic junk phones to play with in heaven.

    • My guess is that you invested much higher and didn't give yourself the option to average down, thus you're responsible for your own situation.

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      • I bought in a long time ago and for reasons I felt were good sound research. I am all in, I am retired and pizzed off now since all the pumpers and websites and the EFLOPPRFKR CEO lied continuously about what was coming. Smirks and lies and mistruths. that is all I heard after before Q1 and now those lies and smirks and misleading statements have been documented for 2 quarters now. Yes, documented because there is a possibility of a class action lawsuit due to the Smirking CEO and his misleading statements. Why else do you think some have quit the company?

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