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  • ineedastock ineedastock Apr 23, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

    Maybe Samsung is putting the screws to Nok in thier parts division

    Believe it or not Nokia relies on Samsung parts from their parts division. They also had to substitute a different processor for the 920T in China (better). How can one of the largest companies in the world be in a parts scramble? Sounds a little shaky that they have to rely on Samsung in any way shape or form. I wonder what supply is actually possible from Nokia. No one has ever asked what the capacity to produce is. It seems like it should be a relevant question. Apple has the same issues. It must be competition related.

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    • Samsung have its own ARM based Exonys processor + Qualcomm chip. WP is all Qualcomm. Nokia have less risk in the processor side by using Qualcomm.

      What Nokia need is better marketing. The current strategy focusing on add on services (maps, music, camera) and keep engineering cost low is a correct one. Microsoft, Qualcomm, memory makers do the heavy lifting in development. Nokia fall behind and sank so much money trying to push Symbian, which almost bankrupted the company.

      One thing I am not sure is will Android become a victim of its own success. Thousands of gadget makers using Android, and sooner or later software will not work because of compatibility and driver update issues like PC. Then everyone will think Android is terrible and move to WP or iOS. SO far there is no indication this will happen.

    • blair.wagner Apr 23, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

      The sensible thing for NOK to do is to create an enduring alliance with INTC as soon as possible,before
      one of the others do. Note appl is already heading in that direction.

    • It is not old news when one day before an announcement after Apple earnings the parts of your next big phone are still being determined and how many can they get. I guess as a shareholder it would actually be nice to know if the parts are available to make 10 million phones or only 4-6 million. Seems like a relevant question for an investor. That is not related to actual earnings because it does not give sales away. The past indicates it is relevant to know their production capabilities. It used to be available and now it is not.

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      • How many times have I told you? ELOP has Nokia running on rumors and innuendos. ELOP is NOT SHARE HOLDER friendly. He'll bleed his share holders before actually doing whats fiscally responsible for the company. What else could explain the MONEY LOSING EXCLUSIVES that ELOP likes doing with AT&T... and soon Verizon? He's done eveything to the Benefit of MSFT, AT&T and now V.

        I have asked numerous times about transparency - What is factory utilization? What about tablets/phablets? What about supply constraints? What Models do they effect? How can WP8 be used in the sub $150 market, when 25% of the BOM is the WP8 OS? Thus, why doesn't Nokia use Android for its feature phones (to avoid the 25% MSFT tax)? Why is Nokia allowing MSFT to extort billions from Foxconn for developing Android devices? Shouldn't Nokia be doing the same thing? Why doesn't Nokia IPO its NSN division? Why does Nokia only sell its phones to a select FEW consumers (exclusives).

        Fire ELOP and the entire US Sales and marketing team.

    • Old news old subject.

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      • I know who I thought you were before just f'in with me. Is it Mark Cuban AKA onmy3rdmillion F'in with me. How come's you don't list tomorrow's specs chief? I already told people what Apple has and CNBC is saying is it a watch, TV or phone. Well one thing for sure they need a new research guy because they definitely have a TV. I have not seen a phone but did not monitor it for maybe two weeks out of the quarter. Let's hear what Nokia is announcing tomorrow genius if it is old news. Tell us mutha f r.

      • How is it old new a hole. The news has not even come out yet. It is due tomorrow and you would not have a clue what is in the phone or how to verify it. Old news is that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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