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  • nusaiba nusaiba Apr 26, 2013 7:24 AM Flag

    Samsung just reported 69.5M smartphones in Q1 vs 5.6M lumia phones and Eflop called Nokia sales a success.That's garbage b/c he is living in

    The sate of denial and failure

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    • Sometbing is wrong at Samsung's core business, you might want to be asking Samsung about why their washer, dryer, refrigerator, microwave oven side of the business is slipping. You might also want to find out why there is such a high disdain for customer service from Samsung. Lastly you might want to be asking why Samsung isnt blowing the doors off Nokia in the Windows 8 smartphone side of things. Samsung is selling Windows 8 phones and they suck at it. All is not well at Samsung.

    • Elop is a foreigner hired by Nokia to do the firing, reorg, and software deals.

      From the conference calls, I got the impression Elop is not involved in day to day operations. On marketing Elop mainly did photo ops.

      On the software side, Elop is nowhere close to Google's Eric Schmidt. Each time I listen to Eric Schmidt interviews I pick up one or two points into mobile business. Mobile is not even Schmidt's main job. Elop just repeats the same talking points again and again for the last two years. It is always WP, battle of ecosystems etc..

      So it seems to me if stock price remains like this Elop will be gone after the Finns decided reorg is finished. Question is whether they can someone better. Maybe Nokia will be run better by promoting someone inside.

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      • Interesting observations. Hard to say from the outside looking in what role Elop plays within Nokia. One area I believe he has concentrated his efforts is in streamlining the process of moving research to development to the market. They have produced a lot of new phone models lately, and that doesn't happen without effort and coordination within Nokia, so kudos to them on that.

        I do think true innovation has been lacking, but we'll see what the next 6-9 months brings.

        He has also put a lot of effort into making the NOK/MSFT partnership work, and at the end of the day if it is clear he has been successful on that, and it is a true collaboration that benefits both companies, that will be a significant accomplishment. Marketing remains weak, but there's still time on that. I think supply chain problems will disappear as production on the new models stabilize, and NOK moves to Intel chips in early 2014, which in my mind is a given.

        So - a mixed result for Elop so far.

        As far as the Samsung results are concerned, I think it's good news - if Samsung can sell so many phones with average build quality and a so-so operating system, it bodes very well indeed for Nokia.

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