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  • jandersson33 jandersson33 Apr 27, 2013 12:09 PM Flag

    Nokia Lumia, 13 million q2 ?

    WP8 has gained in the US from 3,2 pre cent of total in January to 5,6 per cent in March.

    "AT&T subscribers who used Nokia smartphones had customer satisfaction 21% above average compared to other smartphone users

    On AT&T Nokia users had higher customer satisfaction than Samsung and Apple, and on Verizon they were also well ahead of Apple.

    • AT&T – Nokia followed by Samsung
    • Sprint – HTC (no Nokia handsets) followed by Apple
    • T-Mobile – HTC followed by Nokia
    • Verizon – Nokia followed by Apple"

    And sales are very positive in India and China.

    My guess is 13 million Nokia Lumia Q2 2013.

    And after that, the sky is the limit.

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    • A tad too optimistic , don't you think. I think we should be look at the Nokia guidance of around 7m .

    • If the new flagships are set to hit in the last month of Q2 earnings (June; which is likely), I'm afraid we'll sell less than Q1. As I've said in a couple other posts: The 920 is burned out, lower/mid tier phones will do decent but can only do so much. I hope I'm dead wrong and we sell more in Q2.

    • Did you even bother to look at the earnings report??????

      There was quarter over quarter drops in every region in the world. Nokia sold 700,000 Lumias in Q4 and only 400,000 in this quarter in the U.S. Even with China Mobile deal, they fell 26% from last quarter and 26% year over year. Even Europe, their stronghold lost sales. Year over year change in all regions was negative. Quarter over quarter change in all regions was negative. There wasn't one positive at all.

      The only reason Nokia sold more Lumias was by dropping the price of the new Lumias to the point that Asha users switched over. In short, they cannibalized their own sales of lower priced feature phones. So Asha's fell four million so that Lumias could gain a million and a half.

      Just wait till Nokia drops the bomb when it takes inventory charges for feature phones and equipment. It will happen some time soon as the feature phone business dies. What is Nokia supposed to do with all that leftover junk except write it off?

      Some of you have not even the most rudimentary understanding of how a business operates. That's why you are all going broke on this junk stock.

    • Actually likely 8 million q2 and most will be the lower margin cheap phones.
      No one is buying 920s anymore - Nokia foolishly started rumors on the 928 2 months ago so - no Nokia fans are not buying till they see the 928.

      Only ones buying are those with little cash and they will pick up the lower Lumias or Samsung phones. The Samsung S4 is such a momentous hit before it even ships - there will be few to no buyers of high end phone other than the S4 this 1/4.

      Sad but true. Nokia burned it's fan base with lousy logistics and with misleading rumors to stall buyers. It did just the opposite. It chased away customer to Samsung when the rumors kept extending yet to another date for the 9th week in a row. Likely now when the 928 comes out it will be a huge huge disappointment. Everyone is expecting a smaller form factor with 41 meg pureview, quad core and updates windows OS.

      Not to be - just a new radio for Verizon - an exclusive 920 - same as before.

      NOTE: My rumors are more factual than most on this board.

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      • Factual? The Nokia 920 is GSM based and will not run on a CDMA protocal network that Verizon has. The 928 is CDMA based and will not run on the GSM protocol that runs on AT&T network. The folks that use AT&T can buy a 928 from Verizon but the phone will never work on the AT&T network, just like folks that use the Verizon service, they can buy a 920 today, but it will never work on the Verizon network. Your information is not only incorrect, it is misleading and void of facts. Had Verizon folks been able to buy a 920 and had it work on the Verizon network, there would have been significantly more sales on the 920. Get your facts straight, what you posted is ignorance of physical reality.

      • Only thing I agree with you wallstreet.theif, is that this new flagship should be more than just a few tweeks. Disappointing if we learn otherwise May 14th.

    • If Nokia have 4 quarters of continuous 30 percent growth. By this time next year it will be shipping 16M WP smartphones a quarter and stock price 2X or 3X what it is now.

      It is already guiding 30 percent growth sequentially. 16M smartphones is not that much but it still have to happen.

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      • Why wouldn't they start advertising in the US to help promote the fantastik Lumia models they have?
        There have to be fairly affordable avenues to advertise and get the Lumia brand out there Not sure if I've ever seen a lack of advertising from a company especially the infant stage Lumia is in. Of course I don't claim to have all the answers or know the right way to increase popularity, but it seems they would ahve something up their sleeve.

    • Look how late in the second quarter the new flagships will be out. Right now we're depending on low tier phones and a burned out 920 for sales. That May 17th announcement is when they present the new flagship(s), that's not the day they hit shelves. May 17th we'll be halfway through the second quarter. Don't get your hopes up.

    • "Globally, Nokia Lumia sales rose to 5.6 million units from 4.4 million in the fourth quarter as Nokia launched low and mid-range handsets like th Lumia 520, 620 and 720. The company has predicted that at least 7.11 million Lumia devices would be sold this quarter as more models are introduced around the world."

      Nokia has predicted at least a 27% increase. With all the new models, I think they will easily exceed that.

    • Ahahhahahaaa.

      Are we seriously gonna start with these lame stats again? lumia sales were all the rage last quarter at amazon and AT&T and Verizon, etc yet sales came in at a pathetic level.

      27% of nothing is still nothing. There is no change in the game plan while Eflop is now selling obsolete 920's in a much more competitive market than in Q4 and Q1, so then ask yourselves, if Eflop couldn't get it done when he had an advantage why would anything change in Q2?

      All you are seeing is the seasonal uptick and nothing more. How can a rational investor expect an incompetent CEO to all of a sudden start selling more of the same but now old product without a change in the game plan? Are you guys seeing an ad blitz? Cause I don't see one? Are you guys seeing huge support all of a sudden by carriers? I'm not.

      So Q2 will be more of the same only it could get ugly as the iPhone 5S may get released mid quarter which would create a life sucking vacuum so powerful that nokia may have no soul left come end of quarter, kinda like its CEO.

      At this point it's clear lumia is DOA, with the exception of maybe the 520 and 620, but that's not gonna be enough. They need Plan B now (android or windows and android) or a buyout around $8. These are the only options I see or nokia will be below $1 before Christmas.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Nokia just expanded Asha manufacturing capacity dramatically with the Vietnam plan. Or at least they will when the plant is finally up and running at capacity late in 2013. But there has been nothing about Lumia manufacturing capacity mentioned, leading me to question Nokia's ability to even produce 13 million Lumia devices in a quarter. All we hear is "sellout at xxx" and "demand outstripping supply." They can't sell what they can't produce. 

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