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  • farhan8000 farhan8000 Apr 30, 2013 5:52 AM Flag

    Nokia Lumia 928: Verizon Price $99 As More Details 'Leak' Ahead May Release Date

    With approximately two weeks before its rumored launch date, the Nokia Lumia 928 might have a price set.

    A thread on Reddit featured a question and answer session about the long-rumored Lumia 928, which Nokia has yet to officially confirm.

    Although many of the responses by the original poster was deleted, it was noted the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone will have a dimension of 5.24 x 2.71 x 0.44 inches and weigh 5.7 ounces.

    The Lumia 928 may support a digital amplifier and be branded by Nokia as "Infinity Design."

    As for monetary value, the Reddit post stated Nokia and Microsoft have set aside $60 million to market the upcoming smartphone. The Lumia 928 may be priced at $99 when signing a two-year contract with the carrier, most likely Verizon Wireless. For the full retail price, the device may be $599.

    Nokia has not confirmed any of the details provided on Reddit, but they have confirmed a Lumia event for May 14 in London. The event didn't specific what it'll entail but it is likely the place for the Lumia 928 to debut.

    The confirmation of the May event comes as Bloomberg first reported an event would occur next month. The report noted the Lumia 928 and how it will have a metal casing, 4.5-inch touchscreen, an 8-megapixel camera, and wireless charging.

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    • You mean $99. for new customers or an upgrade. The price is not going to be $99 to people locked into a 1-2 year contract. Remember that when the geniuses try and gage demand by first day sales. You talk about stupid. I can see rookies making a rookie mistake but CNBC. How can professionals not realize that phone turnarounds do not and cannot happen overnight. Check the prices that you have to pay when you do not qualify for an upgrade. It is brutal. Even rich people complain when the have to dish out $800.00 for a phone.

    • Yesterday I had to call customer service as I noticed something odd on my bill and thought I would pass it on just in case anyone wants to upgrade and is not eligible. I have a lot more than one device on my account. Apparently in order to make the sale on an 822 at upgrade price last Nov., they reduced the phone to $50.00 by extending the contract on my Verizon mifi broadband modem 1 year. They said that since my phone was not eligible for an upgrade they put it on a different device but gave me the phone discount anyway. I am passing tips along because this thing is going to cost $600-$800.00 without an upgrade offer. They really need to overhaul how that works. Who the heck is going to pay that in this economy. I want the phone, I may even pay that amount but I do not want to. No one likes a sucker deal even if you have the money. The way the Telco system works is crazy and make turning a profit for companies like Nokia challenging. There needs to be change. The only one the profits from a 1-2 year contract is the Telco.

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      • US customers (except for customers of T-Mobile and a few pay-as-you-go carriers) have been suckers for years. Carriers do not drop their rates when a subsidized device is paid off after 2 years. If you do not upgrade, they love you. They pocket the extra revenue every month and laugh all the way to the bank. You are paying the $600-$800 for a phone, you just don't see it reflected in your monthly statement.

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    • If both NOK and MSFT can use their $60m properly, like the Don't Fight CM.
      I can see the bright future of NOK!!!!

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