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  • speadeemon speadeemon May 8, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

    Big Bang Theory

    We haven't had a big volume day in a while. You can feel it's going to happen soon. "Bad" news is out for the quarter with new phones in stores (with accompanying ads) and accompanying positive reviews with new announcements coming. Oh yeah.. it's coming BOOM!

    Nanoo Nanoo

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    • Off topic (sort of) - my main complaint about the show(Big Bang) is they don't relate how hard these guys really work - if you're on the staff or faculty at Cal Tech, you work essentially all the time - no social life whatsoever. No one has a chance to discover you're a geek because you never see anyone outside of work.

      The norm amongst students - "Sleep, work, social life - pick two".

      My father taught there for a short time - not a scientist - he taught business to the engineers/scientists (mostly engineers in his classes). He didn't stay for long. My brother was born in Pasadena.

      Anyway - a funny show. My favorite phrase - "How else will they learn"? I tell my wife that when I have occasion to correct her on some small matter - "How else will you learn"? She knows I'm quoting the show, but for some reason she doesn't find it amusing when I say it....

    • Possibly catalyst for increased price in the near future - 928 to Verizon. If Nokia has a decent deal on Verizon actively promoting the 928, that would be a positive.

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      • I was looking at release dates. Galaxy S4 is getting released on Verizon on May 30 apparently at 199.99 with contract after a 50 buck rebate. As you say, hopefully Verizon will price the 928 attractively...similar to the 920 when it came out on AT&T.... and pushes the phone. With the S4 out at the roughly same time, I'm fairly confident that Nokia will have plenty of supply. *Supposedly* there were some issues with the 928 running on the Verizon network resulting in a delay, so I'm hopeful that's all worked out and a release is imminent.

    • When do you think that is going to happen? What is your price target?

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      • it'll happen when it happens and the price will take care of itself. Months ago, I would have been happy to be at 4.00 this coming December. I think we'll be higher than that by a good margin. If we are, then that means sales and adoption is going in the right direction. There's a credit upgrade on the horizon and I've said I think we get that before the year is over.

        Most of my shares are long...and I have a 2 or 3 year horizon... *currently*.

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