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  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar May 19, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    More and more conformation the problem lies in manufacturing.

    It is not just US, even in other parts of the world it is getting difficult to get the stock. I am still waiting for my 720 .

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    • Update , I finally got my Lumia 720. Finally after 3 weeks. I took the opportunity to throw a question as to how much stock they have. Answer : 3 . This is a major store mind you.

      I further noted something odd. There are many Ashas, but very little Lumias. It thus seem to be that even when the supply is being replenished. It is done in very small quantities but there seems to be no problem when it comes to Asha, could it be the components shortage. It thus seem they are experiencing the same thing the other side of the world in US as well. This problem will do untold damage to Nokia if it is not fixed and I am saying it as a Nokia long. Just imagine how many people in China would have adopted the Lumia 920 T had they not been told off that they will not receive their stock because there is a long que of 60 000 ahead of them after only receiving 30,000 sets, I would not be surprised many got turned off and choose something else. Even CHina Mobile has complained about it. The domino effects is devastating. The carrier stop promoting and people stop buying and soon, there is lost of opportunity to gain traction,. I think Nokia has done a great job designing hand phones, but all the adverts in the world will not help unless people got something to buy . I noticed Nokia power user is also observing the same thing, at the same time some Nokia fans in this board is noticing the same thing in US. This is a world wide problem. Nokia must fix it immediately

    • How many excuses does a ceo get when they have 20,000 employees, $3 billion in cash, 12 months lead time and 5 factories???

      come on. this is so pathetic and sad its unreal.

    • dorianpc May 19, 2013 8:54 AM Flag

      Nokia doesn't have the credit rating to secure big orders from suppliers.
      They are broke and losing money and living hand to mouth. That is is why you see run rates on new products at absurdley low levels. They only make what they have orders for and as a result, realize ZERO advantage from scaling up manufacturing. It's just the latest failed strategy from the bumbling bozos. My bet is lumia is assembled by work from home contracters. The situation might improve over time, but only if someone high up the chain realizes that all electronics depends on volume.

    • At this point, there should be no bottleneck in manufacturing due to supply chain (parts going to assembly plants) or to production processes within the plants. The only bottleneck that would be reasonable would be due to production capacity - Nokia literally can't make phones fast enough to meet demand, and that's a problem I would welcome.

      It is reasonable we might see temporary and minor shortages of a particular model or color as production adjusts to meet varying demand for models/colors, but not across-the-board.

      Other than anecdotal information about someone waiting for a model or color (which could be an admin snafu with the seller for all we know) what reliable source of information is reporting supply chain or manufacturing problems for Nokia phones?

      Elop admitted to a temporary supply chain problem 1st Qtr which I believe was limited to Qualcomm chips, but I'm not aware of any statement of or other reliable report on shortages recently. For 928s and 925s, we could see temporary shortages as production fills inventory channels, but that should be minimal as I would expect Nokia to have produced a bunch of phones in advance of model release for the purpose of filling inventory channels quickly after release.

      If I'm missing something, I would welcome someone telling me otherwise.

    • So many lost opportunities for sales.
      Shoulda woulda coulda.
      Time to hire somebody from Samsung to run the factories.

    • I checked different Nokia sites for different countries a while back - 3-4 Month back. Back then several big countries from Latin America were missing WP8 Lumias.

      I check once again this morning - most of them have new Lumias but unbelievable if true - Argentina according to Nokia page - has only WP7 Lumias. How is that possible? Anyone from Argentina on the message board?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • First, I am a newby regarding Nokia. But it could be that with the company's history of making superior hardware, they are making sure the finished product conforms to this standard. If this is the case, we should be okay..

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