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  • rmbo47 rmbo47 Jun 10, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

    Day 2 with my Nokia N8 (Symbian "Belle")

    Wow. This OS was the bee's knees back in the day. I picked this up cheap locally for sentimental reasons, and as a backup to use with an AT&T GoPhone pre-paid SIM card. I figured I'd play with it a bit and then put it on a shelf for a while. Build quality is outstanding - no surprise there. Nokia has always been known for great build quality. The N8 was released in April 2010 and came with Symbian "Anna" preinstalled, but the refresh code named "Belle" was rumored to be coming almost from day 1. Curiously, with the original Anna installed the only keyboard was an on-screen T9 keyboard. Usage was rough with that style keyboard, but it brought back memories. The Belle update brought a QWERTY keyboard, but only in vertical mode - no landscape rotation for the keyboard. Better, but it really needs to be usable in landscape view to expand the keys. Another huge step was the 12MP camera on the N8. Nokia was always known for their cameras, especially with the 5MP camera on the N95. The N8 used the same Zeiss optics but with a 12MP sensor. Yowza!! In 2010 nobody could even dream of matching this.

    Clearly this was NOT a smartphone. Marrying Anna/Belle to this device shows an early attempt to create the modern smartphone. Unfortunately Symbian was simply not up to the challenge. Much like Palm's old "Garnett" OS, piling more and more features/capabilities onto an old foundation was a recipe for disaster. Nokia had no choice but to go in another direction, or get out of the smartphone game entirely. On the N8 (and other Symbian phones), getting the settings dialed in just the way you wanted was a multi-day process of trial and error. Once you got it how you wanted it you had to pray it didn't need a reset (or randomly reset itself) and send you back to square one. Been there, got the t-shirt.

    Anyway, this little foray back into Symbian has cured much of my nostalgia. I'm probably ready now to try a Lumia and see what's what. 

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