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  • ineedastock ineedastock Jun 20, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    Maybe people on this board do not know Nokia has a different kind of board


    That board is responsible for talks falling apart and the reason is the NSN division. You cannot expect Microsoft to pay the cost of NSN just because Nokia could not sell it for the last 3 years. They have tried everything, research it. So if WSJ did not print it, the reason is Microsoft does not want to pay for NSN and Nokia's board does not want to sell just the handset division to Microsoft and go it on their own. That is my opinion. You can call the investors line and they should be getting calls and providing answers but most investors choose the silent vent.

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    • In September of 2000, Goldman Sashs bought Spear, Leeds, & Kellogg for $6.5 Billion. Goldman didn't want the entire company though. Goldman only wanted Hull Derivatives, The back office clearance operation, and RediBook. But Peter Kellogg said, "No, if you want SLK you have to buy ALL of SLK." GS hemmed and hawed, talked about walking away, and in the end ponied up the money for the whole shebang.

      SLK was negotiating from a position of strength, never having sought a bid for the company. They were content to continue operating independently as they had been for decades. I believe Nokia is in a similar position. To my knowledge Nokia is not shopping themselves around for a suitor. So the only question becomes how badly Microsoft wants the handset division. I don't think they want it bad enough to buy all of Nokia. 

    • I think you focus too much on NSN as a stumbling block - disposition of a profitable operation that is a major player in a growing global market is a problem most companies would like to have. The role and status of NSN is a significant consideration is Nokia's plans, but I don't think NSN is stopping anything.

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    • Nokia is a phone company.all their assets whether it's patents,plants,on going R&R,best human assets are directly tired to this division.if they divest in the devices division,Nokia is just a shale of itself, it's no longer Nokia.So why will they sell it to Microsoft inexpensively? If Nokia sales the handset division,it will have to sell other parts and breaking down the company this way will have little value for Nokia investors.To realize the best value for investors and I'm talking long term investors and not the short term investors clamoring for Nokia to sale itself,stay put and continue executing with the current strategy.The alternative is to sell NSN and keep the rest of the company.Use NSN cash to invest in the handset unit and keep executing current plan.

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      • You said sell NSN? That is what I said weeks ago and they tried to nail me to the cross. Are you sure you meant to say that? I have to go develop for Windows 8 now. See Balmer wins in the end. He screwed me and now I am developing for Windows 8 just the same. It seems that is the way it goes in the Microsoft world. Sad but true. My Microsoft stock reminds me I should not be mad all the time though. Just noticed a nice big dividend this month in my account.

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