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  • thearizonacardinals thearizonacardinals Jun 22, 2013 1:15 AM Flag

    Is my line of thinking that irrational?

    If you're a board member, wouldn't you fire Elop and force an adoption of Android before selling Finland's pride and joy. I also heard some while back that some members of the board are holding shares of Nokia 10+.

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    • yes, you are correct! its called diversifying risk! its not one or the other, but BOTH.

      don't know why these #$%$ here can't understand that concept. and NO lumia and WP8 are not the best phones out there. They are getting better each iteration, but still have major gaps compared to the competition. Read any professional reviews out there. Apple has defined the smartphone standard and Samsung is flooding the world with derivative products.

      Microsoft is too SLOW to catch up... Nokia assets paired with other OS's can have much broader appeal... Nokia + WP8, Nokia + Andoid, Nokia + Jolla

      you invest in all three and you don't care which one wins!

    • nokia needs to keep wp8 but also need to make android and chrome...their hardware is good, no reason not to compete

    • Why would Nokia adopt Android, to become 'just another smartphone' in an already overcrowded Android market? Nokia is not trying to run with the pack here. As with any game changer, WP will take time to be accepted by the masses. Perhaps WP will fail, as well... only time will tell. However, I see this as a golden opportunity, and a possibility to revolutionize the smartphone industry. Windown is the STANDARD in the PC market. Techies can debate the superiority of Linux or whatever until they're blue in the face, but let's face it. When the average consumer buys a PC, they don't go out looking at the difference in Win OS and non-Win. They expect Windows, because there really is no other choice. (Don't even try to argue about Mac here. It's a moot point.) With WP, we get a device that speaks the same language as the PC. As well-adapted as Android is, WP will offer device integration in a way that Android simply cannot. Plain and simple. This will be a driving force toward enterprise adoption of WP technology, and a selling point (in the future) to the mass consumer market. Android was a game changer. WP is reinventing the game. Place your bets folks.

    • No Android. Will be phased out by google anyway. Because too many "dialects" and to be unsafe. However, firing Eflop because of terrible performance during adoption to WP, that is another story ... Just remember "burning platform" ... A smart boss would never have said this that time. In this respect, Eflop is a "Leading Zero".

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      • questionforthemasses1 questionforthemasses1 Jun 22, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

        The Finns and the Swedes (Ericsson) were both too cautious and conservative with there consumer divisions. Elop did the right thing lighting a fire under there as_. Symbian became an abortion - it took Elop to do the surgery,

        Look where Ericsson is in the consumer market .....

      • Agree on your Android comment, and on the fact that the transition could have been done better (maybe). He had to get Nokia people to change quickly, and it is arguable if he could have done that without the precipitous drop in sales of Symbian. That essentially cost shareholders the dividend. Close call on whether that is worth costing Elop his job.

        He did get Nokia to produce a great line of great phones very quickly - an impressive accomplishment by Nokia, one that has led MSFT to recognize that Nokia is THE world class designer and producer of phones. That's worth something.

    • Why would they switch when they have the greatest phones in the world currently? Why would they switch to an OS even Samsung says there is too much liability to use? Why would they switch to an OS that the FBI has said is unsafe? Why would they switch when they are in Sync with XBOX ONE likely to be the best seller of all time. Why would people not understand it has only been 8 months? Why don't people understand even if you have a great phone most people will not break their current contracts and pay full price rather than a contract price? It is called the contract effect. You have to give a new eco system time as not everyone is eligible for an upgrade. They have done damn well in 8 months. Why would they drop an OS that helped them stop losing large amounts of money and actually turn a profit? Does anyone understand Nokia is a profitable company now. 8 months 8 months 8 months. What the hell do you want?

    • making it sound like OS is what makes devices the winner. It's the whole thing IMHO. Just ask Sony and HTC how their Android endeavor is doing

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