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  • mceug mceug Jun 22, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

    If Windows Phone 7 Hadn't Been Aborted.....

    None of this drama that is unfolding would of happened. The Nokia/Microsoft partnership is a year behind schedule because the rug was pulled out from under Nokia when Windows Phone 7 was put to bed. Nokia has delivered on their promise to bring top of the line hardware to the partnership but are growing weary of Microsoft's management of their phone division.

    Nokia has delivered on their promises to MSFT and now want to be compensated for their efforts. If the two part ways, and devices get sold to another party, Microsoft is really left in a lurch. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and an agreement is reached because I think the two are close to turning a corner for a third mobile platform becoming mainstream.

    --How I am seeing things right now.--

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    • I think dell wants to go private so he has the freedom to move in with msft and basically become nok minus nsn
      Icahn wants to do the same thing but use shareholders money.
      ELop is just impatient and wants to get paid now.
      Apple better do something. Cook just got tied to a performance contract and needs to do something soon.

    • Everyone knows MSFT never gets it right on their first try. Fortunately, they've got lots of cash and determination. If one is patient, they too will have lots of cash.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have been thinking along similar lines - that Nokia has done everything that anyone could reasonably expect from them - in very short order they're produced a series of very impressive top of the line phones - as good or better than anything out there, all price points, some tailored to specific markets and/or vendors. No other producer could have produced what Nokia has, in the time Nokia has done it, and they're not finished - the 41mp phone in July, and Nokia is chomping at the bit to produce a tablet, and who knows what else they have up their sleeve (well, MSFT knows...).

      MSFT produced a phone, and it crashed and burned. From that dismal experience they learned that phone design and production wasn't so easy as in PC's or tablets. Apple also had their problems with their early phones, and Google had to go buy Motorola. You just don't wave a magic wand and make a great phone, not to mention waving a magic wand and instantly gaining access to patents.

      Here's one of the top phone producers in the world available to MSFT, for the right offer. MSFT would be foolish to not do what it takes to secure Nokia devices/patents. At the same time, Nokia hardware engineers know they cannot design a great phone without seamless coordination with software engineers - they need to be part of some "eco-system", and the best software company in the world is available to make them part of the most encompassing eco-system out there. They'd be foolish to not become part of it.

      In the spectrum of devices/platforms, MSFT has enterprise/cloud, TV/games, tablet (Surface). It will have a special relation with Dell, it has a special relation with Nokia. It wants and needs to integrate software development with hardware so innovations and changes in direction happen quickly, and can be produced in volume (in the millions) quickly.

      This is going to happen - it's just a matter of when and how. I think the when part will be soon, I'll leave how up to the smart guys.

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