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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Jun 24, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    A lot of talk about selling off Nokia, that it has to be sold

    and no one has posted a valid business critique as to why this has to happen other than putting some cash into there pockets on a sell price. Have not read anything on Nokia where they are hurting for cash and with the cash on hand greater than the amount of debt they have, they are not in a position where they are weak financially. Just sounds like a bunch or rumours that are not valid because if there were any real truth to any of this nonsense, the Nokia stock price would have taken off and it has not. And a lot of this nonsense is being posted before the 2Q13 numbers have even been posted, just a bunch of nonsense and noise.

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    • I have, the jerks and shorts tried to drown it add. You post sense and they get mad because their short positions get screwed. Either that or they are Nokia Fan boys with no investment and should be in a fan club not investment board. Others just get mad at anyone and everyone that they perceive is accomplishing anything at all more than they are. It is the most common condition psych's are treating for in the recession. Guy's that got fired or laid off and now cannot find a job. They than hate anyone or everyone that has done anything at all that is not in dire straits. It is treatable and they should get help. It will help them enjoy their short existence on the planet. You do not have to live miserable Calibucks, Rambo, Zutko, bemos. You have to list the id's separately because they are real in their heads. It is treatable guys. I hope you get the help you need.

    • The Microsoft partnership was in part risk mitigation. They needed an exit strategy for the failing Nokia a couple of years back. If they recovered - great - if not, Microsoft could be called on. It appears Nokia is not taking off like planned and the competition is even more brutal than 2 years ago. All was to go as planned - dump the phone division to Microsoft and move on.

      Problem is - Microsoft is not a usual player. They are putting the screws to Nokia to get a bargain basement price. Nokia even hustled a non Microsoft buyer rumor to spur Microsoft into motion. That bluff was called and we now wait for Nokia to punt Microsoft onto the garbage heap or knuckle under and sell at the rock bottom price that Microsoft wants. Elop is out of the play - it is all up to the board now.

    • They dont have to sell and shoukd not sell. They would be giving away the business at the lows.

    • tracey563 Jun 24, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

      nok has not participated in the rebound at all.not a good sign.

    • No NOK does not have to sell to survive and will get to $10 on its own, and maybe even within a year. BUT, NOK is so undervalued now, and its shareholders have suffered for so long, that a quick move up via a buy out would be instant gratification (and a bird in the hand is........). Think of the nice buys in the market now (for ex. GOL at $3.20) and what NOK buyout money could be parlayed into.

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