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  • farhan8000 farhan8000 Jun 24, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    Apple and Samsung inventories are building up,Nokia is sold out!!!

    Many in this message board are stock junkies,narrow minded,and short term,they are impatient and only chasing a few pennies for the day.They will bash a stock when out and pump when in, while believing/hoping their action will influence the direction of the stock.few perhaps have technical training and many I hope not are always chasing stocks and ending up with the tail of a stock run.

    I will conclude with this: Samsung and Apple have an inventory build up problem of late and both companies stocks have been tanking.Samsung stock is becoming Apple of late.Nokia is having a supply problem or sold out problem. Anyone connecting the dots yet? Where are Samsung and Apple customers go? I'm sure consumers did not stop buying smartphones? The media has sold the idea of the duo play in the smartphone market but the consumer is not cooperating with that notion,the consumer has other ideas,he is making choices and those choices are not Samsung and Apple and their inventory is building up without the buyer.The competition has gotten better and Samsung and Apple's loss is Nokia's gain.

    Don't loose focus and always connect the dots.don't buy the media hype and like the pros,stay ahead and get in first and don't catch the tail end.Nokia is gaining market share from Samsung and Apple. If you can't connect dots, you got a problem.on the contrary of what many are speculating here, shorts have been covering big time cheaply.

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    • Nokia did not follow the Apple or the Samsung approach, both Apple and Samsung had a preorder period, you could not walk in an buy one in stock, there wasnt any to puchase immediately. Nokia started to manufacture and ship, if a phone were in the store you could purchase it immediately and not wait. No one seems to talk about this. Had Apple and Samsung followed the same approach as Nokia, both Apple and Samsung would have been in a constant sold out state. Think Nokia's approach is actual a better approach because they have a much clearer picture of what demand is for real time marketing of their phones rather than queuing up a bunch of orders and waiting until the phones were actually manufactured.

    • Also note that, when it is available, its small numbers. The reviews of the 520 are truely amazing. Yes they have supply problems. Because of great demand. They produced at least 7.1m this Q (guidance) and are working overtime at this point. Who would have ever though the Nokia factories would be buzzing! Wow. No more running behind the facts, but solid in charge of the game. Isnt this beautifull?
      Softie wants to keep this out of others hands. In a few weeks the share price will explode and they can stop worrying. With Asha 501 steaming into holiday season and the EOS shaking up the market we are now past turnaround and this will be reflected into share price gains soon enough after NSN uncertainty is gone. Who knows NSN ends up in a positive surprise too?
      This will explode up soon.

    • Dear mr buyandhold investor, the people that have flipped this stock for "pennies a day" are beating the pants off you.

    • This is true.
      Apple was downgraded yesterday because of building inventories.

    • leestoller Jun 25, 2013 6:48 AM Flag


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    • Well said, Sam and Apple actually have different kinds of problem if you look closely. Sam is now trying to do everything and anything and its entire line has commoditized. Apple on the other hand did too little and has become a big supertanker that takes a long time just to do something simple. it lost its flexibility.

    • Presently phone inventory in our house is as follows.

      1 x HTC
      1 X Nokia lumia 720.
      2 x Nokia lumia 820.
      2 x apple iPhone.
      If one buys a Nokia Lumia you’ll never have to buy a camera again it’s just fantastic.

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      • 1 Reply to danfinn61
      • Samsung and Apple have a Nokia problem.Smart money knows it,the reason Both stocks are been slaughtered (shorts are having a field day with both Stocks more than Nokia stock at the moment).The numbers will show in the next few months and quarters.Its only that Smart money is always 6 months ahead of everybody.

        Apple stock holders left with massive losses are pushing Apple to produce cheap smartphone and think Apple problems will be cured.Just imagine if Apple's cheap smartphones are not cheap enough and compared to the competition (Nokia and samsung) fail to impress.Apple's stock will get killed and consumers might loose the Apple persona they currently have.

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    • I agree and I have a website devoted to tablets & mobiles. Here is my two bits that got me interesting in Nokia as a long term play.
      A) Regardless of what you think of Elop, the financial problems with this company are largely over.
      B) People are genuinely excited about the 92x series mobiles in the US and Britain, along with the lower cost 52X series becoming a sought after phone in India.
      C) The company after paying debts would still have cash in the bank, and have a nice patent portfolio.
      D) Microsoft needs Nokia about as much as Nokia needs Microsoft.
      E) Future product lines are building excitement. We all know about (or should if you own shares) the 41MP to be unveiled.
      F) If all else fails, it wouldn't be that hard for Nokia to introduce Android based phones.
      G) This company is an attractive buy just for the patent portfolio.
      H) Buying now will give you a nice yearly return when finances are fixed and dividends are reinstated.
      I bought Nokia for the reasons above and am long.

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      • Hi,can you give me your web address ,I would like ti read your articles :)

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      • Very good list, but could you be more specific about E? What future products except EOS?
        Phablet 52x, tablet?

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      • Agree with all your points. What many in this message board and speculators don't understand is that Nokia does not have a financial problem hence there is no immediate need to make a deal. Nokia has restructured, swallowed their hard medicine in 2012, lost weight (got rid of excess fat) and has financial flexibility. There is no financial pressure to make a deal.Nokia has time to experiment with Windows OS for another 2 years if they chose to.

        Nokia historically has morphed into a different company and I'm sure they will morph again when they see the opportunity. At the moment Nokia does not have the need to sell its device unit unless Nokia does not see a future as a device company and Nokia has been a device company for 2 decades. Smartphones are becoming a commodity and my feeling is that Nokia would like to move away from been a device company but still, mobile broadband in the next decade looks lucrative and every major tech giant is trying to get into the devices business.2 billion smartphones every year from 2015 is a big market. Consumers are refreshing smartphones every 6 months and even with drop in prices, smartphone market is lucrative for those companies that can survive the competition. I strongly believe if Nokia stays in the device business they will either expand the Asha platform or develop their own OS.The use of Windows OS is a bridge for Nokia. Once their smartphone sales stabilize and they have 15-25% market share, and they are flush with Cash, they will introduce their own OS.

        Nokia has to decide with NSN.The question is,will they buy Siemens share or let Siemens find a buyer for its opinion is that Nokia doesn't intend to sell its share and might find away to buy Siemens share or let Siemens find a buyer.

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    • farhan, you post the most useful info/insight on these forums. Thanks for being patient when some of us (including me).

    • Well said and I can understand why. I'm an Apple fan for many years! I'll keep my Mac (because it's more productive than the PC) but I will be definitely going Nokia when my contract is up on my iPhone. I don't care about games or how many apps there are.... I just care about managing my life and work as efficiently possible.

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