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  • gollywogazoo gollywogazoo Jun 25, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    has Elop never heard of ADVERTISING?

    yet to see one TV ad for the new Lumia phones. Lots of IPhone & Samsung ads. Not a peep from Nokia!

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    • You need to get off the porn channels, there are plenty of commercials out there. You can't expect on your porn channel to see some hose bag spreading her legs, and the narrator says "and now something big and hard is coming her way, looks its the Lumia 928!" and have the phone featured in her crotch areas effectively censoring the money shot. Ain't going to happen. Start watching the Little House On The Prairie channels like a lot of other folks do, then you will start seeing the commercials.

    • That's a better question to ask Steve Ballmer. Nokia's designs are hot. But awareness of WP is holding them back. Microsoft needs to get the consumer to believe WP is a viable option to iOS and Android. The perceived "app gap" is a problem. Notice I said "perceived." Real or not, that's the public perception. And perception drives adoption. How else did Apple turn a mediocre smartphone into a dominant force? 

    • I get to see the advertising in the Middle east, Europe and the US so unless something has happened in the last couple of months stateside, Nokia is still just not out there as far as ads, billboards and TV - not like Samsung. I saw billboards all over Kyiv Ukraine last month and in Spain the local phone carrier had a special with the Lumia 520 so posters at the bus stops but for TV - nada, zilch, nichevo, nothing! They may be rebuilding their position in the middle range but they are not doing enough for high end smartphones or the overall depth and range of marketing/advertising to increase brand awareness.

    • Nokia is spending $1 billion on advertising.... same as apple

    • Nokia phones have some differentiators, but not enough for them to stand out in the mind of the average consumer. The 41mp phone will help distinguish Nokia, and every bit helps, but it won't turn Nokia into an instant winner, either

      The key differentiator for Nokia phones is the W8 ecosystem. Microsoft needs to start pushing the ecosystem, and Nokia's role in that. I think that has the greatest potential for increased Nokia sales.

    • actually I have seen a ton. that was probably my biggest complaint in Q4 and Q1. I've seen probably 5 tv spots and 5 internet spots in various places. That's a marked improvement.

      I expect to see some cost of that in the Q2 earnings have some impact, but it is very necessary and the right thing to do. In fact they should spend more. As long as they are willing to lose $1bill in smartphones they should just go all -in with the ads and see once and for all if anyone will buy lumia in its current form. spend 300million. Samsung is probably spending at least that

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