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  • nusaiba nusaiba Jun 26, 2013 7:52 AM Flag

    MSFT is rallying and nokia locked in the dumpster.Most of you who bought the stock within last yr thinks of eflop is doing great job.Eflop d

    Destroyed nokia from #1 in the world in sales to a burning platform that no body cares about.He is incompetent ceo and he should be fired now

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    • Something to remember here. A month ago Nokia was stuck between $3.40 and $3.60. Now it's holding around the $3.80 level with short-lived runs above $3.90. A new normal has been defined, and it's definitely above the old normal. No, it's not $5 like so many here expected. But it's not breaking back down just yet either. Anyway, until July 18th it's all just short term noise. Results are going to be what counts. 

    • it's like you are all in NOK

    • Nusaiba, the differences between the blue pill and the red pill were clearly explained to you.
      Taking both at once was really, really dumb.
      Agent Smith thinks you are boring.

    • Seriously, calm down. Are you new??? Market is up and down. NOK is up and down. NOK trend is positive, broken out of the most recent downtrend, and important news/numbers on the way. Jumping up and down yelling about how it's moved (up/down) or (sideways) while the "rest" of the market has (moved/stayed) is just silly, and a waste of your time and ours. I really kinda feel like you're a bi schizophrenic, the way you change your tune each time the breeze changes direction slightly.

    • Dude, just YESTERDAY you were crowing about a buyout from Microsoft being "on the table." What changed in 12 hours??? 

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      • The deal didn't happen i guess. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!. Man I'm glad he's not my boss. They hired him cuz the old ceo missed the smart phone explosion happen right before his his eyes. I don't have the energy to explain it all to you but, He and Ballmer are doing their best to make money for microsoft and nokia at the same time. Relax the heavy bleeding should be way over. Thats why were here right. Now lets just sit back and see july 18th earnings should tell alot. pps should be over 5 that day and beyond patience.

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