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  • zutko118 zutko118 Jun 27, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Ballmer Address at Developer Conference

    Article in Business Insider: "This phone is Microsoft's best, maybe only chance at winning the Smartph8ne war". After reading it you will understand how important Nokia is in MS strategic plans. Do not listen to bashers, they just do not have any credibility anymore ! Nokia is in a very good place and future looks very good !

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    • Isn’t it amazing that important article about MS CEO Ballmer address during Developers Conference, is completely omitted if not hidden from MS and Nokia followers all day long following this important event. Article which evidently demonstrates significant developments as well as importance in strategic relations between MS and Nokia in front of elite audience of the best apps developers in the nation, clearly shows, how biased financial community and financial media are to Nokia or anything positive about this company.
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    • leestoller Jun 27, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

      MS needs Nokia !!!!

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    • I still believe that for Nokia going dual OS with MS blessing, could be a very shrewd business decision which should immensely benefit both MS and Nokia. I talk more about this in my post "$30-50 PPS realistic by the end 2016". Personally, I believe that if dual OS will be implemented fast we can reach pps $30 around 2015 or sooner. Remember, we are like Tesla 9 month ago, what was, it around $30.

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      • Why does everyone pretend that these companies have unlimited resources. When they start heading down, they experience brain drain. Now that they've downsized and lost a bunch of people, some good and some useless.... they have less to work with. In order to make a fantastic ecosystem, they need to specialize and give 100% to something... that's Windows Phone.

        With Microsoft's coffers, this partnership, and Nokia's brand name, this partnership will blossom. For Nokia to take on Android, and would mean a decrease in quality. Right now, their biggest (within devices/services) asset, is their brand.

        It's the reason I bought a 920. I know that if there are issues, the company will jump to solve them. The selection of apps and services, takes a lot of resources to develop and maintain.

        So.. If you want them to jump to Android that would mean a combination of three things:

        1.) #$%$ of your biggest partner right now. Pretty sure they have a contract but, I'm just saying.
        2.) Diluting their resources.
        3.) Being incredibly late to the party, and a long time behind Samsung/HTC/Huawei etc..

        Let's not forget that when Microsoft released the original Xbox they lost money on every unit sold. Eventually though, they became #1.

        In my experience with the company, their first attempt is always #$%$, but their long term vision is very solid. So, the first attempt here was WP7.

        It wasn't even that bad, and neither was Windows Vista... but they tend to over-hype and under-deliver... until the subsequent release.

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      • MS could give away the WP7 to OEMs to compete against lower end Androids. And why not; since it considered a dead OS by many!

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      • I agree 100%. and that is rare.

      • From a technical standpoint it is not easy unless your are talking about browsers not OS. I guess you mean like Surface Pro but a phone with x86 and the start tiles. Xbox One has threeactually. I am not sure what you mean as Anroid is technically horrible. The tablets are almost unuseable. You could have two browsers one bing and one chrome or firefox. I do that anyway, just for tests. Otherwise, you are talking about some Samsung jerri rigged machine that would have to be about the size of the S4. I suppose Microsoft could do it also if the phone was larger like the S4. You can use the same processor and maybe run it in the cloud and it could work on a small phone. If nothing were store on your phone and evertything including contacts, pictures, etc. went direct to cloud you could probably share the processor and switch back and forth. Why? I do not see the thrill!

      • Why would Microsoft EVER bless Nokia using a competitor's operating system??? Makes no sense. If makes tons of sense for Nokia, but they're being paid $1 Billion per year to use WP exclusively. 

    • leestoller Jun 27, 2013 2:54 PM Flag


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