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  • nysexxx nysexxx Jul 1, 2013 7:31 PM Flag

    no traction

    This POS can't seem to get traction. Whatever the news (except for when its bad, of course) ,nothing. I told this board once and I'll tell it again - we are in a trading range until this breaks $4,17. From here, that does not look likely anytime soon. This is and will continue to be a long-term proposition.

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    • Not really, this was not the kind of earth shattering move that moves a stock. It would have dropped way down if the price had not been a steal because of the added debt. This type of play NSN the average firm and analyst cannot understand what they do exactly. It has to be proven in earnings numbers. I would not say at all that Microsoft has any less desire to do deals or buy Nokia if it wants to be bought. I do not know why the cradle has to be rocked. It will take an earning blow out or a high product sales figure to get this stock above 4. It will not happen on the NSN new that is for sure. I am personally glad NSN stayed as they improve a sector of the internet that I am involved with. I did not know that 2 weeks ago but now I know what they do. Wait for earning or a strong indicator of some phones or general sales. That is what the street wants.

    • Hey genius NOK has doubled off the bottom. Its ready to double again with 30% margins on 20 dollar phones. Taking the rest of the partnership from Siemens is great. NOW look at NOKs leading role in Graphene and its small strong flexible electronics. They are about to hit it out of the park.

    • I'm thinking $4.17 later this week. Love the new phones!

    • Ur a frlikin genius.

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