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  • rrryahoo rrryahoo Jul 7, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Mall channel check

    1 suburban mall...pretty disappointing...Best Buy mobile---NO Nokia Lumia's on display at all. Ridiculous. Verizon, had 822 on display BUT the 928 was not displayed had to ask and the guy said he could get it from the back. ???. ATT-- asked him how 920 was selling, said once in a blue moon he sells one. Just one on display (blue) in the back corner, the least visible part of the mall kiosk. ATT guy said HTC One, iphone and galaxy were his best sellers...of course all of these are displayed in the most visible part of the cart. There is something malicious is going on here IMO...glad MSFT took space at BBY, but they need to do so at each and every carrier. At least 1/4 of each carrier store needs to be fully devoted to Windows phones/gear and have a dedicated Windows specialist on staff. That's the way to sell the Windows system. Depending on these idiot sales people is a fail at least here in the U.S. IMO. The case is still that one needs to go into the store knowledgeable and wanting a Windows Phone...a Lumia.

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    • thats funny at my verizon it has a huge display for the 928.. the walmarts that had stock are again out of stock for the 521..

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      • i visited an "authorized retailer" I believe...a mall kiosk. These guys are the worst of the Windows lot. Prior visits have yielded similar responses from Verizon stores. perhaps you have a corporate verizon store. a corporate ATT store would probably have yielded better results. still, all of these are potential outlets for Lumia phones, to compete with the junk droids they need to have competitive presence, including educated salesfolk. these sales guys get some extra commission or something from Samsung/Google because they almost always downplay Windows Phone. At one point they wore WPhone t-shirts, but that was back in November...don't see that anymore. Microsoft is SOFT when it comes to penetrating this turf that it should have been defending. I find it laughable that Ballmer allowed Google to get so much territory. Where the heck was Microsoft since 1999??? I would have fired Ballmer for allowing Google to dominate the fastest growing industry in technology. Granted he is making inroads, but the idea is to innovate and be in front, not come back from behind...STAY IN FRONT. Nokia made the same mistake. You gotta wonder sometimes how these companies make decisions from the top. essentially Apple is Macy's, Google is H&M, Blackberry is K-mart/Sears and Nokia is JCPenney with Ron Johnson/Stephen Elop at the helm. I thought Ron Johnson was doing a good job with JCPenney but didn't get enough time...hopefully Elop will get a few years longer to let his game plan play out. The analogy is not perfect...feel free to offer a better match up of retail stores vs. phone mfrs.

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    • You are absolutely right. To my assessment only "wedding commercial" generated some buzz, but it lasted only 2 weeks or so, already forgotten history. Another one with punk spinning on his head, Surface ad, for business community? What a joke! Remember my post 3 month ago: "Where is aggressive, effective marketing?" No improvement AT ALL!

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      • Microsoft has $74Billion in cash. It should be spend $1B of that every quarter to promote Windows 8, including Windows Phones. Not sure what its adspend is but do know that Samsung spent $500M in 1Q to advertise. MSFT still hasn't even offered a Windows 8 computer/Surface, Windows 8 phone bundle yet. Why the hell wouldn't you bundle the phone with the computers? These deals should be made between MSFT/NOK and OEMS of Windows 8 products. Buy an X-Box get a Nokia Lumia. Sell the entire ecosystem together. This is a war with Google/Samsung. They need to play STRONG. All these stupid#$%$ ineffective advertising has done piddly winks. The best move so far has been getting space in BBY. Well, all that being said I believe that MSFT will buy-in to Nokia between now and July 18. Doesn't leave much time to buy shares. Think the Huawei rumor day was the was Wall Street's smokescreen to cover and buy Nokia. I don't believe at all the WSJ report about how talks are off and they don't plan to get together again any time soon...doesn't make any sense. How would anyone know or even speculate as to when they would want to get back together...they could start talks up again any time, so I don't believe the stupid article...doesn't make sense to me intuitively. Again, think it was another smokescreen to get people to sell off Nokia. Also the two "news" bits came out one right after the other...and neither would have justified the 125M volume day b/c neither was then what really prompted such a high volume day? It could have been the NSN deal if anything and/or a MSFT buy-in. We'll see.

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    • Costco, none on display..Microsoft mall setup had three Nokia on display..Radio shack had three on display along with about thirty other brands..None at Best buy, even when I asked (and they are talking a microsoft store with in a store at 600 best buy locations..)??? I agree with your comments about the needs..

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      • You guys need to relax. Nokia has never had a foothold in USA. They just need to get 10% of the market rest of world and the stock will go up huge. Any gains in USA is just gravy, but look at the financials, USA is less than 10% of revenues I think. If you google best selling phones verizon and ATT you can check the amazon rankings. The 928 has been in the top selling phones right behind the GS4 since its release, and the 920 seems to be gaining a little second momentum as well. Personally I like to see #$%$ numbers in the USA cause thats all bloggers and writers seem to care about. But its actually small potatoes in the grander scheme. Expect the numbers from India and China to blow up.

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