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  • edgary2013 edgary2013 Jul 8, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Microsoft showed only Lumia 925 amd 520 at MPC Houston

    Other phone vendors not shown.

    Showed a host of Windows 8.1 tablets. But IMO those are all DOA because they use Intel Core i5 chips. The intel Core i5 for desktop cost over $100 retail. The Intel chip itself cost as much as a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running Android. They cost more than the iPad.

    Before Windows 8 release it can be argued that Microsoft made strategic mistake in mobile and have Apple/Google ate its lunch. Now it is Intel that is the one to blame for the demise of the Wintel empire.

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    • New Intel chips will consume less power, be more capable, and cost less, than current tablet chips. The next 12 months will see Intel own the tablet chip market. The "Wintel empire", as you put it, ain't going anywhere but up.

      In early 2014, Intel will have a LTE capable chip for mobile - then you'll see a Nokia "phablet", and Intel in all (or at least almost all) Nokia phones. Say goodbye to Qualcomm/ARM dominance. The changeover to Intel will be massive. If Apple and Samsung stay with ARM chips (which they will), Nokia/W8 phones will have no match in terms of low power consumption, low cost, and computing capability.


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      • ARM started in mobile and always consumer much less power than Intel X86.

        Last year I was all bullish on Intel Atom Clovertown tablets killing Android tablets, and creating a "halo" effect on Nokia WP. But the Atom tablets were delayed six months because of power issues. Those tablets finally came out this summer, and only then I found out they are SOC that included their own graphics, comunications etc. and priced outrageously high compared to Atom netbooks and Android tablets.

        Windows 8 and Nokia WP products are all ready and if Intel not delivering for tablets, cannot help.

    • The difference is someone can do work on the Window's with the i5 compared to the ipad or Galaxy. I cannot use the galaxy to even type an email. I have one only turned it on 3 times. I see other people not being able to do anything on the galaxy except pecking trying to get it to enter a sentence. Some of the i5 tablets I can run Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photo Shop & Microsoft Office. They are full functioning machines. Big F'in difference for people who need portable power. I have written programs that are huge applications on the internet while sitting in a parking lot or in traffic on an i5 machine. Big difffernce, beleive me.

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      • Tablets are light use consumer devices not for work. To do work just carry a notebook.

        Most consumers that buy a 7 inch to 10 inch tablet will be happy with a dual core Atom running Windows 8. Price of Windows Atom Tablet should be $40 higher than comparatively equipped Android tablets (to pay for Windows license and Atom instead of ARM chip). Not $900 Surface Pro with Intel Core i5.

        Instead of making Atom widely available for tablets, Intel is leveraging the X86 architecture to sell an Z2760 SOC that that include graphics, WiFi, bluetooth, touch all in one chip. Those modules are inferior compared technology from Nvidia, Qualcomm, Synpatics. It is a self defeating strategy. Result is PC makers making Android tablets and even notebooks.

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