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  • babyccute714 babyccute714 Jul 17, 2013 3:09 PM Flag


    If NOK has a good earning, then it's good for ya. IF NOT, YOU HAVE TO WAIT 2-3 MONTHS for them to back 4/share LOL. My recomemendation is to SELL NOKIA and buy back on FRIDAY. NOK LUMIA 920 CAME out a long time ago...the revenue gonna be low this quarter. Wait until Q3 to buy it. This quarter is not good. Very RISKYYYYYYYY...

    BBRY had a good earning when Z10 came out.....but Q2 was horrible.....NOK will be the SAME.....SELL and WAIT until FRIDAY to buy BACK

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I AM THE LEADER NOW...listen to me, guys. NOK is not bad at all. It's okay and it won't drop big percentage like BBRY. NOK still have a chance. If NOK drops more than 7% today, then you have to wait for a week to buy back NOK. If NOK drops only 5% or less, then buy NOK back on FRIDAY.

      Also, if you guys want to invest LONG TERM, GLUU is a really good chance to buy it. Anything under 3/share is a perfect chance to buy. GLUU is 2.65/share right now and it will go above 5/share within 1 year or less.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • want to bet? 😉

    • I TOLD YOU GUYS YESTERDAY but u guys did not listen to me. I told you guys to wait until FRIDAY to buy NOK back, but you guys did not listen. It's so easy to understand. NOKIA LUMIA 920 CAME out a long time ago. Therefore, Q2 won't be good anymore. SAME LIKE BBRY......Q1 was good and Q2 was BAD.....I TOLD U GUYS .....ALSO...the reason they launch NOKIA LUMIA 1020 in 2 more weeks b/c they knew Q2 gonna be bad....

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Personally I think the downside is much more limited than the upside. We MAY see a relatively large drop, or not, based on earnings close to estimates. A good deal of negative sentiment is priced in here. This isn't BBRY, where there's been an unrealistic runup based on nostalgia and bringing back the good 'ol OS from times gone by... this is NOK, which has been crushed by everyone, everywhere, forever. So much disdain on the street for so long, even people who like NOK don't like it as an investment because they heard so-and-so say such-and-such (and Cramer recommended it- UGH!).

      According to your plan: Sell now. Liquidate. Great, now I have cash for my shares.
      Now, if it goes down, say, 10%, I can buy back a few more shares (slightly less after commissions). NOK is likely to rebound pretty quickly unless earnings are just horrendous. I gain a couple shares. YAY.
      However, if it goes UP 10% on decent numbers, I have to buy back in plus commissions, and for fewer shares. I lose opportunity. NOK likely settles out for a bit, I buy on a dip, and still come out behind. BOO.

      According to my plan: Hold. Don't touch that dial, kids.
      If it goes down, I'm down a bit on paper. I lose some opportunity, but I'm in for an average share price below $3.5, so while I missed a small amount of opportunity to take a profit I'm not trying to time the market and paying commissions that I don't need to. And, with all the ugly sentiment already priced in, I'm likely to see my gains retraced sooner than later. We're at a paltry valuation now, remember. I win, but true victory is delayed for a while.
      If it goes up, I win. I just win.

      Of course, in the unlikely event of a water landing, my seat cushion acts as a flotation device. Remember to secure your oxygen mask before you try to assist others. Good luck all. Except the shorts. The shorts deserve to lose.

    • play your bet and shut.

    • It is very RISKYYYYY to work the streets for peanuts. lol

    • wait and see. I don't want to make fun of you guys at 4:15 p.m. LOL

      Sentiment: Sell

    • The only problem with your logic is that Nokia makes products that folks want to buy and use, but perhaps the biggest telltale sign is that my son-in-law, one who would actually don a cheer leader outfit and root for Apple, has now started a short timers calendar and is marking the days off until he can get rid of his iPhone. I asked him what he would do with this one, would he try to sell it, he said no. Says he is going to tie it to a couple of very large bottle rockets and see if he can launch it into space and then try to set the world record for smashing it into as many pieces as he can. I told him I would film the event on my Lumia 928 and he could post it to Youtube.

    • Difference is that the Lumia phones are great value with innovation throughout all of the models and the Z10 has nothing differentiable to offer and as a result doesn't sell...hence BBRY's terrible quarter.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • OOPS NOK is not BBRY

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