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  • questionforthemasses1 questionforthemasses1 Jul 20, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    What Nokia Needs to do ......


    Nokia needs to change direction fast ---
    1. Dump this high end charade bs that it has been playing with the carriers, press and users. Nobody is buying it - literally. Its phones are not high end phones - they are mid to upper end mid range phones. The one exception is the 1020 and that is because of the camera.
    To be a high end phone you need a quad core, 1080 display with a full aluminium/metal body. Nokia is a zero on this. Its one claim to fame will be its camera EOS phone.
    2. Stop screwing around in the US. It has found one Niche with the 521. It is obvious the carriers have not bought into Nokia even though they are carrying the phones. They sellout but only sell one hundred thousand phones? A big frigging joke - the carriers are not buying Nokia. The solution - is simple - pay the salesperson. In the retail world it is called a Spiff - a sales incentive paid on a particular item to the employee that sells it. Tape a $20 bill on each phonefor 10 weeks and see how educated the salesforce becomes. What about a vacation for the top sales person in each state. What about putting the inventory in each store for free - essentially on consignment. Or pay the carriers for shelf space. In retail the options are endless but it takes real work and real availability of product.
    3. If Nokia is not serious about the US than kiss off and get out. It was successful without the US and I think it can be so again without the US. Right now it is doing more harm to image it by being in the US market than it is gaining in sales.
    4. Sell Nokia phones for what they are - Durable, ruggedd phones, running a superior OS, at a great value. That has always been the value proposition of Nokia phones (Except for the OS).
    5. Go where you will sell phones - stop trying to be somge high end Apple wanna be that you aren't. If that means selling a gazillion 520's in Burma, Italy and Costa Rica or where ever than do it.

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    • How about finding a way to bring some of the almost 2 billion euros in operating profit to the bottom line for starters. After this quarter's $.06 loss and the cavalier attitude they had to yet another disappointing loss, I have big concerns about the quality of their CFO, Controller and entire financial management. It's minor leaguers plaing too early in the bigs.

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    • 1. bd needs to fire elop now and put in a manager that gets customer focus and marketing. Elop came from
      a monopoly when was the last time your cable co called up and asked what you wanted in their service
      offering? If you're going up against some of the biggest guys in consumer electronics then you need a
      rock star manager with a proven record of success in winning in that space w/o being part of monopoly.
      2. Come out with unique android phones a clamshell with a keyboard and data saving software and really good speakers would be a hit. Make it reliable unlike 1/2 of your past phones and make it so you can take out the
      3. yeah the sales incentive are important but if the product doesn't have demand why bother.
      4. They're losing share big time in the 3rd world and they failed in the 3rd world for much of the last few years
      they need to be seen as a real competitor in the developed world and that means world class support
      which they clearly don't have with an idot that worries over his cost save bonus 1st and foremost.
      5. Business segment is still ripe as android still not fully ready

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