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  • ramcclos ramcclos Jul 23, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    Apples Sales flat QoQ and down 20% sequential Qtr

    For the first time since Iphone was released Apple Sales had a flat quarter relative to previous year's quarter.

    Quarterly profit was 19.5% the lowest qtrly profit percentage in 2 years.

    Analysts predicted 26m Iphones to be sold , actual was 31m. How could the analysts estimates be 25% low, that is impossible, it reeks of the same analysts who setup Nokia only in reverse, false overestimating Nokias excellent Lumia 32% actual increase where Nokia only guided 27% and analysts were expecting a 50% increase.

    Does everyone understand how the game is played here ? Apple Iphones shipments were 19% higher qoq, Nokias was 32% sequentially. Who is growing faster, Nokia of course.

    Bottom line, Apple sales were down year over year, had the lowest qtrly profit in memory, 14% qtr over qtr decline in Ipad sales, 5% qtr over qtr decline in Mac Sales. So it looks like with Ipad and Mac sales down qtr over qtr it looks like their ecosystem is not taking hold like apple investors thought.

    This general decline in computer sales tells us that business enterprise is not buying into IOS as an ecosystem. This effect will spill over to the phones. I see the media is doing their best to spin this as a good report.

    Ultimately Apple yearly sales will be $140 to 150B with 15% profit, this a $340 stock with a multiple of 15.

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    • Out of Apple,smart Money selling into the news.

    • Why are you wasting your time spinning Apple's results into winning juice for Nokia?

      If Nokia gains market share at the expense of another, it isn't coming from Apple. That's all you need to know to stop comparing Nokia to them. Nokia sold 500K Lumia in North America last quarter while the iPhone grew 51% there. Further, the iPhone enjoys the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates versus any competition. If the iPhone's success in sales was all about marketing and carrier deals, and not quality of the iPhone's experience, then customers wouldn't show the satisfaction and retention. It's that simple.

    • Apple is able to sell 31 million smartphone for one reason only: most of the carriers are contracted with Apple to buy specific iphone numbers whether they actually sell or not is not Apple's problem.For example Verizon is supposed to buy 14 billion worth of iphones over 2 years.This is extortions but most carriers are ending it soon.The reason Windows will be successful in my opinion is that Carriers economic interest is tied to pushing a 3rd ecosystem like windows because they have been held hostage by Apple and to a lesser extent Samsung.Very soon,U.S and European carriers will be saying NO to apple as soon as their current contract quotas end.Apple has enjoyed these guaranteed sells at the expense of the carriers who in turn pushed iphone sales to customers because they had no choice but recoup their money.This extortion is coming to an end,Verizon is obligated to sell 14 billion iphone quota and if this is not extortion,then I don't know the meaning of extortion.Its coming to an end.

      I got into Apple once again at below 400 but I'm just waiting what products Apple has to unvail for the fall.If iphone does not introduce new innovation,I will be out lightening fast.Apple has enjoyed Carrier extortion for 3 years but that party is over because the competition is better at the moment and iphone's are getting just another smartphone.

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    • I am really questioning those iPhone sales number. I am wondering if those were actual activations or are those phones that are sold to carriers. The other thing is that apparently there is a lot more interest in the iPhone 4s then the iPhone 5. This seems to indicate that the consumer is getting a bit more price sensitive and wants a cheaper phone. That is not a good sign when your new products are not that well received. That was the reason for the margin drop this quarter. The media is biased toward Apple and is really spinning this positive but I don't think the outlook is that great for Apple. Meanwhile the media is spinning negative sales growth news stories about Nokia.

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      • Apple counts their phone sales the same way all the other manufacturers - Nokia included - count theirs. And considering how the entire sector is slowing down, Apple slowed down considerably LESS than everyone else. Over 31 Million iPhones in a single quarter. AGAIN!! Lets put off the pity party for Apple just a bit, mkay? 

    • Are you a complete imbecile?

      AAPL produced those excellent numbers with ZERO new products in nearly a year. Nokia has churned out plastic junk phone after plastic junk phone and still can't break 8 million smartphone shipments. AAPL made 7 billion dollars. Nokia lost 400 million. AAPL actually produces something other than smartphones. Nokia does not. AAPL is able to buy back shares and give a 3% dividend. Nokia is in a death spiral to bankruptcy.

      What part of common sense are you allergic to? Is it the facing reality part? You are absolutely delusional in your interpretation of the facts.

    • leestoller Jul 23, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      Thanks for the facts !

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    • Forgot to add that Lumia shipments have gone from 0 to now 24% of Iphone shipments comparing the most recent quarters.

      This was done in 1.5 years after Lumia launch. This will rise to 30% after the next qtr.

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