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  • nash_jam777 nash_jam777 Jul 24, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    Lumia Needs a new partner ANDY in place of ELOP.

    I think its High time that Nokia starts thinking as a Hardware manufacturer and adopts a dual OS system. Nokia's quality is too good and people still swear by it, but Win8 is not everyone's cup of tea. It wont be long before Nokia will be a forgotten story in countries like India.
    Samsung is a piece of junk but it still is capitalizing on androids success. When I say junk I mean it in a literal sense. You hold it, its a toy. You use it, it hangs. You drop it, its history.

    If people want android give them ANDY!!!
    If they want windows give them lumia.
    Nokia has nothing to gain from either's success.

    Nokia should first concentrate on strengthening its balance sheet and then worry about OS environment.

    P.S: A hard core Nokia fan now On iphone planning to get a Nexus 4.
    Hope Nokia comes up with the android soon before it goes bust.


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    • Yes, Nokia should keep its commitments regarding WP8 d3vices to MS but absolutely RENEGOTIATE partnership agreement to be able make Android devices. The priority is SURVIVAL ! then mutually beneficial partnership

    • When I see obvious MS marketing inactivity "(wedding tv commercial" last noticeable, now history, buzz generating ad), recently allowing HTC (8XT) and Samsung (ATIVA) go dual OS, I changed my views on that "loving, privileged" partnership with MS. I also believe Nokia should go dual OS at least with L1020 perhaps even with L928, 925 and 520/1. Worry about $250 000 /Q subsidy...a) Nokia still will make WP8 Lumias to satisfy demand but also Android OS handsets. b) I agree balance sheet and fin. gains should be absolut priority a matter of "TO BE or NOT TO BE". c) RENEGOTIATE ! the agreement with MS as long as Nokia has bargaining power being only significant partner. d) Nokia's role as MS exclusive, so far, partner will diminish over time and soon. e) MS is trying to bring new partners to enlarge echo system, all of them will make dual OS devices. f) Where is Nokia's advantage ? g) What will be Nokia's future ?

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