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  • ineedastock ineedastock Jul 27, 2013 6:57 AM Flag

    Looks like the New Three horseman are Nokia, Microsoft and Intel

    All three continuing to innovate. All have new up coming products approved this week. Nokia's Treaure tag proximity sensor is the most notable. Microsoft had a wireless controller and Inter a pro set wireless. Nevertheless they are innovating not resting on their laurels like Apple, Google and Samsung. They are trying harder and will be the three horsemen going into the next several years. The devices are going to get better and better. Microsoft's store in Best Buy will be awesome. Put the 1020 and the Nokia device finder (aka Nokia Lo Jack), the Xbox one and the new 7 inch tablet and people will be all over everything there.

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    • angelico1966 Jul 28, 2013 7:21 PM Flag

      Sounds great! Any Info on when the MSFT section in the Best Buy Stores will be in operation?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • ohbabyno123 Jul 28, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

      Getti up!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This "three horseman" post should serve as a warning to all about ineedabrain.
      All his post's are ill thought and fundementally flawed.
      Not because he is a bad guy. But becusae he is a nutjob.

    • The metephorical reference is to "The 4 horseman" you illiterate madman.
      Geez you are one dopey twit.

    • You "get it".

      Three great companies, with great R&D, all of whom missed the initial wave of mobile.

      The question they face is can they make up for lost time? They are large companies, and it is typically hard to get large companies to react to change quickly. This problem is compounded by the fact these three large companies are mutually dependent - the chips drive the hardware drive the software, and it is all too easy for one segment to be out of sync with another segment.

      If they "get it right", it will transform the industry, and transform lives around the world. If they botch it (all too easy to do given the mutually dependent interrelationships within parts of these companies, and between the companies), then we'll continue to see progress, but not as efficiently and effectively as we would have otherwise seen.

      If these three behemoths get it right, and get some momentum, they'll be unstoppable. The next 12 months will tell the tale.

      From what I've read, things are looking pretty good - not a slam dunk yet, but looking good. When the new Intel chips get voice LTE (late '13, early '14) then the turbo kicks-in (but be aware a lot can still go wrong....).

      • 1 Reply to clcellve
      • Nokia is coming up with stuff on the level of NSA equipment. The zoom on the 1020 and now a personal proximity sensor that you attach to anything and you can trace it on a map (exact location). They seriously have released 2 devices that you can buy and it is professional grade spy equipment. Better than probably 90% of current law enforcement except NSA, CIA, DEA & FBI. All of the local police do not even have equip. as good as the 1020 and the proximity tracking sensor. I think the proximity sensor will do more for selling Nokia Phones than anything they have ever had.
        Seriously, everyone has something they want to protect and put one on to use as a lo jack, everyone has someone in their lives that they want to track. Put it on your motorcycle, car, bike, toolbox, construction equip, teenagers car, all kids, employees and on and on.

        Should be NOKIAS biggest selling device of all time and guess what:

        This was one of these tough decisions if it is better to open it up to all phone manufactures or only Nokia.

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