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  • dorianpc Aug 9, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    There will be no tablet this year. give it a rest.

    Tired of mindless dopes who can't see through the fatality of pie in the sky arguments.
    Time for Nokia to have a blowout quarter on phones and networks.
    When that finally happens they can spend profits on whatever they want (as long as it includes a dividend)
    The idea of moving into a crowded market against dell hp and lenovo is as stupid as it gets.

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    • My personal view is if there is money to be made there, yes Nokia will go in, but they may have to fight with the likes of HP and Acer. Still it is a massive market and certainly worth considering

    • The design/sale of a phablet in a market where many consumers have 2 or 3 hardware platforms (phone, tablet, pc/laptop) is one thing; design/sale in a market where people will put money into only one platform is another thing.

      If I need to choose between a basic smartphone and a basic phablet - pick on or the other - a phablet gets the nod. I get internet on a decent screen, and a phone. Yes, it doesn't fit in my pocket, but it fits in my purse, or briefcase, or backpack, or lots of other places, and I get text and photos from the internet on a decent size screen.

      Also - fully agree that trying to sell a commodity tablet in a crowded market is not a good use of Nokia resources. However, selling a tablet loaded with innovative features is not selling a commodity tablet - it's selling something distinctive. If Nokia has innovations ready for market in a tablet, make it, then add a Merrifield chip in early 2014.

      Low cost phablet now for emerging markets, fancy innovative Merrifield phablet for developed markets in early 2014.

      An innovative phablet in early 2014 based on Intel Merrifield chip I think is a certainty. A emerging market phablet is less certain, but that's where you may see an RT phablet. IMHO.

    • I don't want a phablet, assuming it would run on WP, until MS updates WP. The W8 update I believe is coming sooner. I would be ok with a tablet running that I suppose. They can definitely differentiate themselves from the likes of dell, hp and lenovo with their camera technology among other things. A phablet with comparable or greater specs than the competition with a superior camera is what this company needs I believe, but not until MS gets off their you know what. Until then they should just try to continue to sell through on their current flagship devices and continue to try to gain market share with the lower end devices.

    • I'm jaded on the subject. Last year, I agreed, no TABLET. Too crowded, not enough traction for the waste of money. However, now we do have SOME traction. The cheap 7-8" Android Tablets are blowing ipad out the water as far as marketshare is concerned. There is a market for the 7-8" tabs. That being said, Acer/Asus AWFUL small 8" tab they just released was a HORRIBLE product. I think Nokia could slide right into this market.

      They need a 7-8" Windows 8 (NOT RT) tablet with the Lumia quality and construction, and price it at $199/$249. I'm not sure if its possible to do that, but thats what they need to do. If they can't do that, then don't bother, and focus on phones.

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      • not sure, if such a price is possible for a Win8 device, as people will use it different than other tablets (eg. installing "real" applications), causing it to need better, more expensive hardware to be usefull.
        For example you need a larger flash: while with iOS and Android you can easily ship devices with 8-16gb, while Win8 makes no real sense with less then 64gb (or even 128gb). While you can ship other tablets with 1gb RAM, Win8 tablets do not make sense with less than 4gb.
        While you can ship other devices with cheap, low speed ARM processors, for win8 you need something Intel compatible. Hopefully the new Atom successor is "fast enough", otherwise it is probably not possible to create an attractive (!) 7" tablet.
        while for other tablets a keyboards is a rather useless "nice to have", you must have one for Win8 to use it for its full potential. So you better ship it together with the tablet or offer cheap bundles. And getting creative and doing things like adding some battery into the keyboard will make it even more expensive!

        It will be hard for Nokia to offer some "cool" Win8 device for $199-$249. But Nokia has impressed me a few times over the last monthes, so why not this time?

      • dorianpc Aug 9, 2013 10:05 AM Flag

        Haswell pricing $200-$300. Next compare margins on phone vs. Tablet..Next spend a few hundred million on a production facility. Finally try and make it better than surface pro 256 GB model. Which is a nice machine, just expensive.

    • Finally u make sense. While Nokia shouldn't make tablets, they should make phablets with free Facebook airtime. That will destroy the android competition in India and developing countries, I promise.

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