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  • vgadwala vgadwala Aug 11, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

    Fair oaks, VA Best Buy with huge MSFT mini store

    I visited BB to return something. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised with the MSFT store within. You just would not miss it, with very nice displays of different key components of W8. It was bitter sweet feeling there. MSFT kicks the *** of Samsung in that store when it comes to store presence and colorful, attractive displays. Now, to the all important WP8, it is a total let down. Not even one phone. I asked the rep, who said they are waiting to get the phone and he mentioned 8X. I guess he meant HTC one. I asked him about the lack of WP, he then showed me one small corner where they would put a WP along with a laptop, XBOX to demo the Eco system. The rep was really good, patiently answering my questions on the store setup. He asked me to come back in two weeks by which time he will start demos on the weekends. Very interesting fact was, he is from Seattle area (he handed a business card), which tells me MSFT got some serious guys there.

    The positive here is, whoever walks into that store, they will be drawn to the MSFT store. More people will start getting used to the idea of tiles, W8 Eco system, which may increase the awareness and sales for NOKIA as well.

    The potential risk here is, Samsung would start displaying their WP phones and eat away the WP sales. After looking at the MSFT displays there, some people would want to checkout WP phones and if they see Samsung displaying WP, they may just buy that. I saw Lumia 920 in the AT&T section there, but there is no active promotion there. So, unless the buyers hear about NOKIA phones through other channels, this MSFT, BBY may hurt NOKIA. It sounds like a weird logic, but I am worried Samsung will capitalize this more than NOKIA unles they/MSFT start spending money to promote NOKIA phones in BBY stores.

    When I asked the MSFT rep about not showing off WP and NOKIA in particular, he said that it is still BBY's PC space. It seems like BBY may have put restrictions on the Mobile Phone aspect of MSFT displays.

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    • There is a shortage of the 521 and other Nokia's in the Washington, DC area and that includes Fairfax which is near. I just came from there and Dulles, VA. In Walmart on the meet Windows phone for the T-Mobile ads they took the price sticker of the 521 display and have Samsung's next to it instead. I could not believe that actually. The display was for "Meet Windows Phone" for the 521. I guess Nokia is having problems with stock. Microsoft probably is paying 100's of thousands on the Walmart floor space and Nokia has not kept the phone in stock and they have prepaid Samsung's out instead. Perhaps Samsung or TMobile is sharing the ad cost. The amount of 520's & 521 Nokia has already sold will make the numbers. It is a shame that Nokia is not stocking phones correctly so the numbers could be blow outs.

    • You are raising a very importing issue. Samsung already taken/designated space and front-center location at each BBY. Now, everybody is celebrating and cheering NOK almost 85%WP8 OS dominance but this dominance may turn to be very elusive in a very short time if Samsung decides one day to engage serious capital investment in WP8 handsets. Situation can revers itself quickly and NOK can loose its dominating position to Samsung, especially like in case of most BBY stores, Samy has already fully functional stores within BBY stores in place and operating. I expressed that worry regarding few more competitors that rather sooner than later will go heavier into WP8 devices. This development will be imminent. That is why I blame MS so strongly for careless approach to NOK future role and position.

    • I hope softy goes to every bb like apple and samsung

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