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  • binturong13 binturong13 Aug 15, 2013 1:52 AM Flag

    Should Icahn go to jail?


    Sorry, but his tweet after he bought a ton of Apple shares sure sounds like a means of manipulating the stock price. Naturally, he'll feign ignorance or blur the distinction with there isn't any rules regarding tweeting. And, of course, the SEC and the government won't do anything about it; but it's also troubling to know that he can call and talk to the CEO of the company. Another example of how the market is rigged in favor of those with the most money. I want to know whether Tim Cook will talk to someone that owns 1 share of stock? Well, come to think of it, who cares? I have no interest in owning Apple stock, this cat is loyal to NOK. GLTA

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    • If you don't like the current laws, work to change them. Call your congressman. Write your representatives. But Ichan did nothing wrong according to the law. 

    • Your thumbs ups so far speaks volumes of this board's understanding of the market regulations.

      Activist investors are followed closely by traders of all varieties. They use their announcements to draw attention to their committments. Naturally, this can lead to wave that smaller investors like to ride. *You* can announce that you just took a large position in NOK, but unless you're Ichan, Soros, Ackman, etc., then you're probably not going to make a ripple. SEC are only interested when lies and deception in the works. If Ichan Tweeted that he just took a large short position in AAPL because Cook told him Apple is switching away from phones to weight-loss pills... Well.

      Soros announced a very large long position in NOK around $5 on the way down to its historic lows. The news was carried by all the usual channels. Think he's still holding?

    • I would like to see Icahn punished...but it's not going to happen. What he did with Apple was a outrageous example of stock "manipulation". But the SEC will sit on its hands - as usual!

    • Icahn has a very prominent sec lawyer advisor in his back pocket. It would be a problem if he told someone to buy options prior to buying or tweeting. There was of course unusual rising and activity in the stock just prior. Buffet has had people in trouble. They have a lab in Washington DC that analyzes that. Tweeting after is not a crime. Same as Cramer posting his buys or Buffet announcing what he bought. It is what happens prior to an action that is an issue.

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