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  • the_phony_guy the_phony_guy Aug 15, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    RT Tablet

    Rumors are getting louder and louder about a Nokia tablet but the problem is all points to an RT tablet.

    I have had no complaints about Nokia's plan and execution but why on earth would they want to release an RT tablet....

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    • Rumors are wrong, no way RT
      That #$%$ is dead

    • Interested in the spin Elop will give on why the Nokia tablet is better than the MS tablet.

    • What's amazing is that Elop said he will watch the tablet market closely to see what sells best. Is Elop blind and stupid. No but he is being strong armed by Microsoft. I'm not sure which is worse.

    • surprise surprise... Microsoft bungles its mobile strategy again and insists on dragging its partners down with them. Is a $900 million writedown not enough of a market signal that this product is simply going to result in financial losses for the producers?

      no surprise either that the microsoft faithful somehow think following their bad ideas is now a good idea.


    • It is equivalent to produce a PC with Windows Vista. This is indeed very bad news. It indicates the leadership at Nokia has not really learned to listen to the market.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • This news is very disappointing. I don't want Nokia to be associated with the failure of RT. It's enough damage control to be associated with MS.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It comes down to processors. If the processors initially come with Windows RT installed but could be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro, then Nokia has a hit, Microsoft will get the Money for an OS upgrade. The Windows RT tablet was bases on the ARM processors, so it comes down to what the processors Nokia puts into the tablet. I don't anything about what Nokia is tentatively planning to release, does anyone?

    • They are suing goog for patent infringement and I believe asus or a couple others. They had the patent before Microsoft.. Just no one knew about it. Sometimes the courts won't honor a suit unless you actually make the physical product. The bounty from google is the motherload. You get it now?

    • Nokia should NOT MAKE AN RT TABLET!!! Under no circumstances should they do anything other than a Pro tablet!! RT is a complete joke and a total fail at retail. Go Pro or go home! 

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      • I agree that Pro would be the more capable device. However, the x86 chips required for Pro would lower battery life and for a small form factor device the advantage having the full desktop is lost if your sausage fingers cant work with a small touch screen. As an investor I rather Nokia not compete with an already crowded group of x86 Windows laptop/tablet OEMs who all have years of experience with x86 hardware.

        There are many reason why RT has been a failure. The software and marketing were poor at launch but more importantly there was and still is an absence of good small form factor devices at low price points. Look no further than Acer Iconia W3-810-1833 for how not to do a sub $300 device.

        OEMs abandoning RT has created a vacuum which I see as an great opportunity for Nokia - a company with experience designing quality ARM devices. Nokia's recent strategy has been to grab smartphone share with well made low priced volume devices (520, 521). Why would they not apply this strategy to the tablet market as well? Google only began making inroads into the iPad dominated market with the smaller and lower cost Nexus 7 ($229). If Microsoft delivers on 8.1 and Nokia gets RT running well on quality sub $250 hardware they have a pretty compelling product. Especially when you also consider it also comes with Office and USB support. I think the stock would move favorably if Nokia was to release the equivalent of a Lumia 520 tablet.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I have to agree with you on no RT tablet from Nokia. I feel the whole purpose of Win8 was to work across all devices and as you say that will be fine with RT if the apps were the only thing you want on your desktop to phone. Eventually the apps will be there. However app versions of applications may not be completely necessary if INTC chips are used from desktops to phones. Anyway, I would want my tablet to do everything my laptop and desktop can do. Starting in September the new Haswell with be a good offering from INTC, and if Nokia is going to do a tablet they should go that route, not ARM. And when Merrifield comes out from INTC in January, Nokia should go full INTC chips. Finally, the same across all devices.

        Microsoft and Nokia's problem have been Intel being slow to market. If Intel was ready a year ago, the app issue would not have mattered. But we are within months of Intel being back.

      • You are an idiot. Every other tablet out there is the same as an RT. What is the difference genius? I know the pro is better than RT. However, lets here your explanation on how an apple IPAD is any different than a Surface RT. The Surface has a real USB port and a genus easy to attach keyboard. You cannot install software on the Ipad except apps. How is different than RT?

    • Any of you guys think the 8.1 version of RT will be decent, that's why they went with it?

      • 3 Replies to thearizonacardinals
      • Yes, it will be very decent. In addition to stability and increased speed there are some nice things. I hesitate to say this because I know some carriers require features to be disabled. They have working 8.1 tablets that are capable of tethering from device to device. That is a big deal. If you are in your house, everyone can tether off the XBOX One Internet connection and it recognizes you when you enter the house. If you are in an airport and you want to tether off the internet connection of an associate or even yourself you can do so. It eliminates having separate data connections for every tablet or slate in the house or when you take it on the road. No one no matter how much you make wants to pay for all these separate data plans. That is working currently. The Windows defender has been increased for network and tethering. They were saying you will not need a separate Anti Virus program or firewall. If that is true you can save paying Norton or Kaperski every year. I do not know if they are including office.
        The biggest change is they are debating eliminating the description RT and just calling them 8.1. I have no idea how they will let the public know if it is arm or prox86. The changes are very good. I never thought anything was wrong with the original they are just adding things and identifying any bring your own device to work. It will identify Apple, Andriod, etc. It is a solid program.

      • questionforthemasses1 questionforthemasses1 Aug 17, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

        The only way a Windows RT tablet will be successfully is if they price it at $229 and it has the same specs as the Nexus 7 (2013 edition) but with Windows RT. Through in office and add the option of a $50 keyboard and Nokia will have a hit. Anything less of a bargain is a waste of time.

      • no, we do not think so. therefore we are puzzled about that move.
        I just hope, the rumor is wrong as it most likely would lead to a financial desaster Nokia can not really afford at the moment
        As someone said here, they should do Windows8 Pro. maybe the new atom successor is "fast enough" so they can make a cool device with long battery life for a good price.
        But the "good price" devices usually come in 7", not 10, so the price will be too high for volume success...

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