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  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Aug 16, 2013 9:01 AM Flag

    Nokia 'Sucide' RT

    You cannot price a 10 inch screen for $200 and make money.
    RT has no traction, little apps, no one on earth carry it , even loyal fans hardly touch it.
    Not only that, Lenovo has a $350 11 inch 180 degrees flip touch screen running on real windows , not RT.

    Nokia has done so many things right , 520, NSN, Asha 501, 1020, patents, why on earth do we need something Msft has just written down almost a billion barely months after it is launch ?

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    • I believe they are doing it because it will give them a huge market share of msft tablets, same strategy as phones.

    • I am writing this on a desktop PC running Windows 8 Pro .... using a keyboard and mouse. It works great, although I am looking forward to the UI improvements from 8.1. I also have a Nokia 920 which runs on ARM, as does Windows 8 RT. Admittedly, I cannot run desktop apps on my phone ... but so what. Why would I want to run a desktop app on a 4.6" screen? It is after all a phone/camera, not a PC,

      I would very much like to see a Windows 8.1 RT tablet from Nokia. I would prefer an 8", but a 10" version, with 4G connectivity and a physical keyboard, sounds inviting for a mobile device to bridge my PC and phone. And, I would not have to pay hundreds extra for a "real" Windows 8 device (Pro) which I neither want nor need. And, others might prefer a 5"+ phablet for their needs. To each his own.

      Nokia is famous for offering products for all markets .... aren't they?

    • Har, har.

      nokia tablets are for the elite, smart and rich. The itabs are for snobs while androids for poor peons.

      soon you will not be allowed to enter my 700ft yacht with anything less than a lumia 1020 and a nokia tablet.

      it will be a grate nokia victorey. Back up the truck!

      to teh moon!!!

    • So you know exactly what Nokia is releasing or are you just regurgitating something that may or may not have substance? I cannot believe that Nokia will release something at Nokia's expense and put Nokia's reputation on the line to fail. Nokia is doing some very smart things and I don't think a misstep on tablets is coming. A lot of folks are whining about the RT tablet but I'll bet one dollar that 99.99% have never held one in their hands. I don't know enough about what is actually being rumoured to be released. Not everyone needs high end products, Same for the Asha line, not everyone needs or can afford a Lumia in the emerging markets, but I'll just bet it will be the perfect tablet for emerging markets. Bet India will scarf them up and so will China and if they can be made inexpensively enough as Nokia knows how to, it will be another Nokia advantage in emerging markets. It wasn't so awfully long ago that companies were trying to make a PC for the world that only cost $100. If Nokia can manage to hit that price point, the tablet will be a run away global success.

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      • dorianpc Aug 16, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

        So you know exactly what Nokia is releasing or are you just regurgitating something that may or may not have substance? Turnabout is fair play?
        Remember the lumia 900? Did nokia put their reputation on the line with that dud?
        Now you propose NOK bets its success on third world Asha.
        No, Nokia will live or die in the U.S. market, and that market does not include room for $100 p.c.'s
        Your argument that nobody else knows because you don't know is pretty weak.
        But hears a hint. Look up the price of a haswell processor, you can bet any tablet worth buying is going to cost more than that.
        And any tablet that doesn't have them is going to be garbage. and that includes Ipads.

      • I agree with everything you wrote, thanks for putting things into perspective, but my main concern is Nokia has partnership with Microsoft until 2015 and this relationship seems unbalanced and loaded with demands from both companies. It took Nokia management team a lot of effort to get Microsoft to agree to the low cost Lumia phones like to 520/521. I wouldn't be surprised if the RT device is Microsoft making its demand.

        And we all know how Microsoft likes to shove products around even when they are failing. But to use Nokia R&D when they are struggling to survive would not be good for Nokia. But lets wait to see what Nokia has really planned for larger devices. We should have some clarification in September.
        Their might be more to this in terms of buyout talks. They could be in talks again. Lets see what happens, so far all is good with Nokia.

    • Uhh...
      Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 N3S2PGE / 36792PG €489,00

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