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  • mining_for_metals mining_for_metals Aug 16, 2013 11:43 PM Flag

    Recent Adduplex Data Suggest Nokia Sold Over 2 Million Lumia 520s In July

    Might get a lift on Monday morning, I would think.

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    • good find thx

    • That is excellent news but not surprising though

      I have been saying over and over again because 520 is made for the masses, and has been validated by a great smartphone by the masses, it is in a league of its own. It is really destroying the Samsungs.

      Take a case in point, the CNBC guy, I think, now he is obviously an iphone fan, but as a 'stop gap' solution, he bought the Lumia 520. This is what we want, we are all fans of Nokia, but what about the masses, people with no love for Nokia nor any other brands, guess what, they bought the 520 over Samsung offerings. Now in every sense of the word, Nokia 520 is offering much better value that what Samsung can offer. Consumers, not us, are saying that and voting in their wallets. Now however, we are in an important treshold point. 520 has gainned so much traction that everybody and anybody will not consider anything else except 520. That is why I kept saying Nokia must push out the 520 because it is truly becoming the iphone of the mid range not just in any singular country but all around the world instead of focusing on all the other 928,925,720,620, RT tablets, etc

    • Don't be an idiot.

    • Remember all that Adduplex data last quarter suggesting Nokia was taking over the world? 500,000 Lumias only sold in North America. That's awful. So take Adduplex with a big grain of salt. 

    • trouble is the 520 teardown suggest little profit to be made
      great deal for the consumer & to build market share
      teardown on 625 suggests green for the bottom line
      building market share is great especially for m$ft, is there a % goal to make the sale of the device division happen?

    • There figures are not adding up. They have 2 million for 520 and it was 20% or something but the 521 was 2%. Trying to research how many 521's Nokia sold was frustrating. So when I decided to find out how many 521's that sold out at HSN, Walmart & Tmobile it was less than I thought but still more than the Addduplex says. I do not know if I want to release that number. It does bother me that Nokia is limiting amount of stock available. I am wondering if these tablets, phablets and slates are even possible. Is there anyone that can read a balance sheet that can determine it. I know how to do it (forced to with a business). I am just not feeling good enough and too busy to analyze their finances. I am seriously wondering if they have the funds right this week if they wanted to manufacture tablets. That means free cash flow 90 days out to start paying the bills. I know Microsoft kicks in money that is hard to spot on the balance sheet. I am saying all this as the stock of 521 is lower than I would have expected. It is still better than ad duplez says so F them in my opinion.

    • Being a shareholder since January, I know that numbers from kantar and adduplex are mostly off when it comes to predicting devices sold in a quarter (or a particular month in this case). I know that nokiapower user takes around a million off of what the numbers suggest (just to be on the safe side) and still are off by a million when quarter numbers come out.

    • hmm, the author bases his calculations mainly on the fact, that the 520 has now 27% of the Wp8 installed base, while it were only 18% one month ago.
      Does someone know where he get the 18% from? An no, its not in the AdDuplex article in july.

    • Not so sure. This news was out well before the market close today, but maybe it just didn't trickle through. Also, people are skeptical of the adduplex numbers as those numbers have deceived before.

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