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  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Aug 20, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

    Focus on 520 and stop the Suicide RT , a proven 100 % failure

    As a Nokia fan and like all here interested to seeing the Nok successful and share price move up, 520 represents a very serious chance of Nokia reloading again ! But Nokia must be very careful of the Suicide RT.

    ELop is an outstanding CEO who already save Nokia by stabilising it. Worst thing that can happen is to launch a product that the combined strength of Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo (with all its Asian low cost advantage like Samsung) already confirm 100 % RT is a complete and utter dud , failure 100 %, HP of course do not even want to touch it. Remember all these grand big names are not just guessing it will be a failure, they commit themselves to it and needless to say Microsoft put all its effort and guess what, RT is still a confirmed 100 % failure . 1 billion write down.

    I do not know what Nokia see in RT, some say by putting a magical sim card inside , presto like magic Suicide RT will be a success. do you think it can happen ? I will buy a RT from Nokia because I will support Nokia, I hope and will great it will be and with a sense of huge relief if Suicide RT will become successful but do you think the billions around the world who already rejected Microsoft RT, Levono RT, Acer RT will suddenly like magic love Nokia Suicide zero apps RT . Will you buy a PC without any software ? Will the Droid become that successful if the sales say, sorry dude you can only make calls and do Wifi, no apps for you. Or say a iphone where the sales say, nothing to download, move on Just make calls and do Wifi and shut up. I hope our small community here is pushing some sense into this RT Nokia thing.

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