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  • strawhatjoe strawhatjoe Aug 20, 2013 1:06 PM Flag


    Can anyone tell me why.

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    • This company's reversal is so slow that 10 other startups will surpass it and do better. It does not have a chance. And how long does a CEO gets to reverse a declining trend? It's clear that the market does not believe in him, just like the market did not believe in ex Citi Bank CEO, .As soon as he was booted out, the stock went up 47%, even though the new CEO implemented nothing new. It was a pure political move by the chairman of Citi Group's board.

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      • do you really ONLY measure the success of an CEO on the stock price? Nokia is a turn arround story. In that case very often the market sees the turnarround later then it happens.
        Thanks to Mr. Elop Nokia is now a very lean and mean company. He increased the speed of new product introduction to a shocking level, which leads to an always filled pipeline of new, attractive products, each of them precisly targeted at a certain market. The sales in the important smartphone area are growing by about 30% a quarter. The supply problems seem to be gone and the reputation is getting better and better with each new released product. Mr. Elop purchased the other 50% of NSN for a pretty cheap price.
        In the last monthes Nokia turned from a near death scenario into a pretty stable business, were no one even thinks about bankruptcy. The turn arround already happened, it is only a question of time until the market notices it. Maybe with the next ER, when Nokia will show the first YoY growth in the smartphone business since 2011?

        To see his archievments, compare Nokia with Blackberry. Both companies had about the same situation in 2011 (unattractive models nobody wanted). Both companies tried a turn arround with new OS and new hardware.

        To make it short, the stock price is not everything. If you only look at the company, it improved ALOT over the last monthes. Sooner or later the stock price will reflect it!

    • Elop has done a great job, where have you been? He sliced and diced Nokia and look where we are now? A $4 stock which is way up from the bottom last year and making improvement with cool smartphone in all ranges and the camera in the 1020, which I just ordered yesterday. If Elop does his job, then the market will eventually do its job. Don't expect to this stock to jump. I'm sorry you were late for the parade, but you still got time, 2014 and 2015 are the big years.

    • Can you explain why you have not done any due diligence on Nokia, then you will know why you posted a non question.

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