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  • calbucks09 calbucks09 Aug 23, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

    investors toss Ballmer, Elop to go next

    Shareholders will only take so much value destruction.

    Elops endgame is here. He will be beamed back up to msft as Nokia moves on imo

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    • ps: Investors didn't do ANYthing to Ballmer. And he was not asked to leave. If you've been paying attention you'd know he was looking to leave for at least a year now. This was 100% Ballmer's decision. 

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      • You are wrong on that. He did not intend to retire at this point, which he was quoted as saying in the NYT today. Investors have been calling for his head for many years and his recent 'shakeup' was a real lackluster disappointment for the big holders. they wanted new leadership , not a reshuffling.

      • Ya I shouldnt have said he got canned but, i feel like no one was crying to see him go. In fact i think i can hear a faint cheer here in Michigan coming from Redwood Its like a NFL coach after a while no matter who you are the messge and execution get confused and stop being effective.A new guy comes in with essentially the same message and slightly different philosiphy but, look suddenly the team is performing again. Change is good and necessary sometimes.

      • Fine. New bllod new ideas maybe a ceo with more respect for sub contractors like nokia.

    • Who knows. Would Elop bring along NOK if he is chosen? Does Elop want the job? MSFT, as we all know, is set in its ways behometh, you need to be a strong manager, that knows technology and willing to take risks. He would most likely bring NOK in the fold. Then what do you do with the rest? Restructure, like he did with NOK, get it lean and mean and keep all the brainiacs and forward thinkers. There will be massive amounts of lay-offs! Alot of people at MSFT making alot of money playing politics, but really doing nothing that will bring the company along. MSFT stock could jump with all these lay-offs and restructuring, but who the heck knows what will happen. Just a lonely guy with some thoughts.

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      • ohbabyno123 Aug 23, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

        Expect big changes at MSFT regardless if Elop is the new CEO. MSFT will get restructured lean and mean. Lots of layoffs. New CEO will finish off what Ballmer never completed; a soft merger (% share buy-in) or buyout of NOK. Could be one of the major reasons why the board asked him to step down.

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    • Icon worshipers: Elop saved the company from going BK.

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      • Nokia was never really in danger of going bankrupt. Too much excess cash vs. debt, even when all the hoopla surrounding the end of Symbian was whirling around and the stock hit $1.67.

        Elop has had almost 3 years to steer this transition, and even still, in his own words, "Profits remain elusive." He may not be on the way out, but he doesn't have multiple years left to get the company profitable. 

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