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  • sydneylocks sydneylocks Aug 23, 2013 1:49 PM Flag

    new ceo will pull trigger on nok purchase

    ballmer knew what needed to be done but too cheap and didn't have the balls, new ceo will see the obvious synergy, especially now with nokia lumias gaining traction

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    • If the CEO search drags on too long, they won't wait, and the new CEO search will take as long as Gates and Balmer want it to take.

      Gates and Balmer are not people to sit on their hands and wait for this or that - if Gates and Balmer want Nokia, the Board will go along. Keep in mind the new CEO will have both Gates and Balmer looking over his/her shoulder from day one - he/she won't be making any big changes in strategy or direction until he/she earns the trust and respect, and deference, of Gates and Balmer. It's possible, but it won't be easy.

      Equally possible is the new CEO stumbles and gets canned in 2-3 years. Balmer had a long personal relationship with Gates going back to college. Gates recruited Balmer, and Balmer earned Gates' trust. The new CEO will be in a difficult position.

      Point remains - Gates and Balmer will continue to carry huge weight, and the new CEO will recognize that, and Gates and Balmer recognize that. If they want Nokia, they won't wait, and I think they want Nokia. If they want to be a "devices" company instead of just software, they need Nokia. MSFT has made hard-dollar (albeit temporary) investments in Dell. They'll make hard-dollar long term investments in Dell when the dust settles there, and they'll make comparable investments in Nokia.

      In fact, if Balmer was low-balling the earlier offer for Nokia, it may now be easier (less ego involved with Balmer) for Gates and the BoD to give a green light for a major Nokia investment.

      Again, I don't think they'll outright buy Nokia - they'll buy 30-40%.

      (Isn't this an interesting company/industry to invest in)?

    • China will end up with Nokia- phones and NSN and maps. Perfect fit and they got money.

    • leestoller Aug 23, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

      Nokia holds the key!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How can you say that without even knowing who the CEO is??? Will his focus be on mobile? Services? Hardware? 

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      • rmbo47, do you actually see a situation occurring in which the new CEO of Microsoft would fail to recognize mobile technology as being critical to their efforts to remain relevant going forward? It's not plausible to think they will back off, and I believe Microsoft will most likely reaffirm their desire to compete with Apple and Google. I doubt they will purchase Nokia, but anything is possible, and Nokia's Lumia sales growth continues to impress. I believe that Microsoft will remain focused on turning WP into a legitimate contender, and that can only benefit Nokia and it's share holders...

      • Ballmer made a failed attempt at buying device and services from Nokia because he low balled it. Everyone then said the deal was dead. With a new CEO it does open up the possibility of a renewed and higher offer. Then again it would depend on who the board picks as CEO. Of course MSFT focus going forward has to be on mobile. They are clearly losing desk top revenue every quarter and mobile offers their only real and significant growth path. Mobile, Mobile , Mobile and MSFT has to compete more effectively with Apple and Google. Nokia very well may be back in play for MSFT with a new CEO.

    • U got it. ballmer failed many times b4, doesn't want to risk the rest of his tenure.

    • That is a pretty bold statement given we don't know who the CEO will be nor what Nokia's position will be at the time.

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