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  • rrryahoo rrryahoo Aug 24, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Science Blogs, 3.14: Windows Phone Is Actually Awesome


    This is exactly how I felt buying my Windows Phone back in February 2012. Windows Phone and Lumia 1020 and 520 will swamp the market very quickly. Add to this tablets, and you're talking blockbuster mobile quarters for Nokia ahead. Why do you think Nokia is releasing a tablet? Because their phone division is on fire.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Take it down a notch son. It's not on fire as you say, there are no lines out the doors waiting for the 1020. This is a percentages game and the fire won't start until we see 10-12% of the market in Nokia's corner. That won't happen for another year at least. During that time, you have some very powerful companies also competing in the same arena with strong followers.

      The game will be one on two fronts. One is the hardware and here is where Nokia is shining with the 1020 being a clear differentiation from the competition. The other is the application front. Here is where Microsoft needs to demonstrate focused business applications and development teams to really demonstrate a business use case. Delta's move to WP and Nokia was outstanding to see, we need to see lots more of that.

      When employees see that they have a BYOD that works well with their corporate needs and their personal, that's when things will really begin to go well. Until then, iOS and Droid own the corporate market space.

      We're still in early adoption phase and until we have that magic number of 16% market penetration, the masses will simply not risk buying a Windows phone - especially with the bad taste of the WP7 being short lived and not supported.

      Personally I think Nokia has done an outstanding job. Microsoft really needs to step up here. With Balmer now a dead horse, maybe we will see the farm of executive VP's work their behinds off as they jockey for the top slot. The WP platform is certainly ready to perform, hopefully we see a firestorm start there.

    • Nobody is saying that Nokia's hardware isn't awesome. The whole problem is convincing the consumer that WP is a viable choice for a smartphone. Lets face facts - its an Android/iOS world out there. 

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