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  • enjay_rear enjay_rear Sep 3, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    Nokia Reality Check - $10 b cash , Profitable Business (Thank you Elop and all the best)

    Cash - Nokia is now a powerful company with huge cash reserve of close to $10 b in addition to being anchored by the now turnaround completed Nokia Solution Network which is hugely profitable now and growing in an industry wide up cycle. In a way Elop is leaving Nokia with more cash than when he first came in. As a profitable company with huge cash reserve, we are likely to immediately receive a massive upgrade from Moody, Fitch, and other rating agencies

    Nokia Divisions

    Nokia Solutions Network - This will become the new core business of Nokia. It is hugely profitable and is in an up cycle. In lieu of the recent financial discussion associated with Nokia acquisition of 50% interest from Siemens, this division should be valued north of 8b since Nokia acquired price is seen as extremely low not just because it isprofitable, but it is growing in profitability and 8b valuation is taken in comparison to that of its nearest competitor Erricison.

    Nokia Patents - Profitable We are still holding the patents and Nokia has every right to license it to others. Those delegating to Microsoft has already been 'in use' anyway since Lumia series was part and parcel of Nokia anyway so we are likely to continue to receive $1b every year.

    Devices - We have to be careful in our analysis of this division. By acquiring the Lumia series , Nokia has now no more loses associated with this dragging unit in the future. In other words, from now, Nokia is a clean sheet of paper. One question though is how does this acquisition linked to its profitable feature phone business ? Did Microsoft acquired its entire profitable feature phone business as well. If not then Nokia do have another profitable line of business as well. If it does, there is nothing to stop Nokia from starting a line mobile devices using its strong brandname, new partnership with Facebook and huge cash.

    Here - Valued $10b in comparison with other recent mapping business buy out

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