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  • fokia33 fokia33 Sep 11, 2013 2:58 AM Flag

    major issue with apple cheap phone

    Aapl leaving all the contract free market for softy/nok to take. Need to pay $100 AND sign a contract for iphone5Cheap. Softy will sell 521-like for the same contract free.
    Msft has a huge edge here as it could flood the market with all carrier cheap phones. Can you say win95 dejavu

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    • the problem with the 5c is, that it is just WAY too expensive...
      we expected a phone in the $300-$400 range (unsubsidized), where it would have some kind of chance. But they sell it just slightly below their top phone. who is the targeted consumer??

      It will just flop in the developing markets and everywhere without subsidized prices...
      That would be good for us, if nokia would still be in the smartphone business!

      In Germany they sell the 5s for 699€ and the 5c for 599€... unbelievable...

    • Apple will not know what hit them in 12 months.The only market that is yet to move away from Apple is U.S and Nokia 521 is already doing a serious silent erosion in the U.S market.Microsoft had been handed a huge opportunity (where is the fight Apple? We all said and realized Apple was Steve Jobs and without him,Apple is not the same Apple any more). I thought I will play into the launch hype but what a screw up? what the #$%$ were they doing for the past 12 months?

      Just think for a moment how much Microsoft-Nokia innovate,how many products Nokia and Samsung lunch,Sony and other Chinese companies? I mean,what was Apple doing 12 months? Coming up with 5 colors? finger swipe? the finger swipe technology is from a small company they bought a few months ago,So the questions begs,what does Apple R&D and Design team do? They haven't changed a thing other than upgrading the processor.And their processor is 12 months behind Qualcom and Intel processors.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My fears for Apple has finally been start a long painful decline.They haven't learnt a thing from us (Nokia). Apple will die a slow painful death and when they start acting,it will be too late as Nokia found out.They have been too defensive rather than offensive.It is no longer Samsung only.They now have 3 deep pocketed,innovative,aggresive companies in Samsung,Google and Microsoft.I cut my loses today and consolidated into Microsoft which might be risky in the short term but significant upside long term.A lot of analysts are second guesing microsoft decision to buy Nokia but I strongly believe its the best decision microsoft management made in a decade.Nokia will make a lot of money for microsoft and its shareholders the next 10 years.Microsoft is buying Nokia at the cheap but adding a lot of talent on the human resource side.Been aggressive is how you destroy your competition.

      Apple becomes a small player and follows a sad blackberry/Nokia trend.That decline has already started (down 30% market share to 13% market share except the U.S market) the past 12 months and will only accelerate the next 12 months.Apple will see a small uptick in consumer interest in the next 2 months or so but the competition is just way ahead.If U.S market follows the fading world consumer interest in Apple,It's game over.The competition is between the big boys;Google and micrsoft.Let's see who wins in the next 2 years.I like microsoft and Google.Between the two,they will create a duo play for next decade.

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