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  • fstout57 fstout57 Sep 12, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    I sold 1/3 to take profits

    just in case this deal gets voted down.

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    • I sold my shares last week after the deal and didn't want to hold over the weekend because you never know what will happen when folks sleep on this deal. After not hearing anything over the weekend that was negative, I bought back Monday morning. Paid a couple of pennies more on Monday then I sold it for but I slept better. Never a bad idea to take profits. Can't imagine shareholders blocking the deal now, although I admittedly was a bit worried about politicians blocking the deal. Nokia is a bit of a source of national pride for the Fins and it is pretty hard for them to stomach a partial takeover by MSFT.

    • I can not imagine it will get voted down unless it is to push MSFT in bidding higher price, but then again, i wouldnt mess with MSFT. I'm sure they have alternative plans in case it gets voted down. Or maybe they are 'we bid 5 billion for start and we have room to go to 8 billion because starting the business from scratch would cost 12 billion'.
      Its a bit shady. But i do not believe alot of shareholders have the stomatch to vote this down and then see the value of the holdings collapse by 40%. Its pretty suicidal.
      But i understand you take eggs for your money and respect the decision. GL!

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      • That's the fear factor that was thrown in there. The big investors or institutions were already on board before they let the news out. Let's say you own $20 million shares of NOK or MSFT, you mean mgmt would not include you in the discussion? You don't think Gates knew about this or Paul Allen or some big mutual fund or pension fund didn't know about the deal prior to the release of the news? Regular shareholders vote is nothing compared torhe vote Gates or a mutual fund have. Why would regular shareholders say no when they are looking at a possible $7 to $9 stock? Unless you are crazy and extremely greedy. You mean, someone would blow the whole deal for a little more on the top? Then the stock would crash, how does that benefit anyone?

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