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  • ineedastock ineedastock Sep 12, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    now you see why people are trying to play games with ineedastock

    This may be the biggest hurting these shorts ever had in their life. I told u guys repeatedly this would happen. Five or more times a day. So now it's at a massacre blood bath level. I may be one of the most hated longs ever. Always listen to a wise guy ๐Ÿ˜‰.
    PS your shorts can thumb me down from here to your grave. Makes it sweeter. Just think your fat cans were in the hamptons smoking cigars and finally letting the longs run for just one day after holding the longs down for two years. Don't screw with longs who worked hard for the money because you just entered the twilight zone.
    this I'd is going into the witness protection program.

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    • Forget to change your alias before posting again? Did you give yourself a thumbs up at least?

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      • richeydouglas Sep 12, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

        yep, I agree wise guy gave himself a thumbs up. Hilarious like anyone cares if someone made money for themselves.. If I knew him personally yes it may matter but I wonder why do people post and brag about profits on a message board? Does it make them feel important? There are real cases of traders displaying mental retardation and this board is a good example.

      • Dude I bought a very large amount of shares in the 2.00 range. Seriously do u think I care about a thumbs up or an I'd. I posted this to drill the final screw into the shorts and jerks with no money like noreal or whatever the hell it is. There have been some games with my I'd since this really started to rise. The losers are hurting and they have done a few things I am not willing to say. Once again #$%$ shorts and all my haters. Thumbs UPS don't matter when u bet a large amount of shares at around 2.16 or something when everyone said I was crazy. Crazy like a fox. Even my broker was treating me like I am trump instead the lousy service I got before. Screw the goldman shorts and not real fanbos. This I'd made money in the end after being Nokia's biggest supporter. I was not in favor with longs but have the money in my account as of today to keep me company and forget all the haters. Imagine how these big shorts hate me. You would not believe what they did and the only way this is getting to you is because I b techbo not fanbo. Peace longs. The witness protection plan is in effect and you thumbs up idiots no where you can put that thumb.

    • Cue the twilight zone music.

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