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  • zutko118 zutko118 Sep 14, 2013 11:15 AM Flag



    Agreement was reached earlier today between US and Russia on Syria's disarmament with Syria approval. This extremely significant agreement should have positive influence on next week stock market. This should contribute to NOK farther pps growth continuation. Bullish sign. So stay bullish !

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    • What a defeat for shorts. Terrible news for all those, who bet on war. Looks like another very busy week in my Vise to Squeeze Shop, if I decide to open it. (-;

    • ...disregard ut, it's only ineedastoch fury because I blew his two days old new alias and reminded him that about 2-3 weeks ago he made announcement on MB about unloading his entire position in Nokia. Now u can better understand his frustration, desperation even madness. Poor INS, all I can do to help is to have him come to my Vise shop on Monday morning for a good squeeze to get an instant relief. I promised him to use on him a brand new hydraulic press. Only if I decide to open my Vshop on Monday, not sure yet.

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      • notafanofzutkoakaearthtomessag notafanofzutkoakaearthtomessag Sep 15, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

        Above message is example #2 where he abbreviates the letters INS for aka Ineedastock. Once again, that screen name is not reference anywhere else in thread an was introduced by screen user name zutko118. There is nothing in the thread that would require him to state that screen name except for the purpose of harrassment. This is being submitted as a reference after Zutko 118 threatened another screen name but referenced Ineedastock in his threat. This reply is for records only noted on 09/15/2013 at 15:10 hours.

    • Hope so. Im very very long here.... Quite worried about the fiscal debate though with equities right near the highs. wont take much to cause a selloff. but the fundamentals for euro area telecom seem much improved for 2014 and it apeears that story is gaining traction. Lot of potential upside to go for Nok, Alu.

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