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  • earthtomessageboard earthtomessageboard Sep 17, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    MicroThieves steal shareholders investment in Devices then rubs it in with increased dividends and a stock buyback


    of 40Billion dollars. Thanks Microthieves. My NO is getting even stronger with others I know who will vote NO also. If the Deal doesn't sweeten up, I guaranty you a few million votes of NO are just a phone call away.

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    • LOL someone sounds delusional - "with just a phone call" wow

    • while I agree the handset division is potentially worth a lot more if they can show some growth, I don't see where they get the cash to invest in that growth without further harming shareholders....

      Sadly I think its the best deal they will get given where they are. And it buys them a chance at a future. The last thing you want is another 2 years of cash burn and have to have the company start selling off other assets to fund the gap.

      Elop screwed this co hard... but they got a very very good deal for the condition they are in.

    • Dude you are way off base on this. Nokia's sudden rise is because they are selling a cash draining albatross whose growth never lived up to its potential. Nor does Nokia have the marketing dollars to drive the level of sales growth necessary to make this division profitable.
      The remaining businesses are generating strong and positive cash flow with good growth opportunities. If this deal got scuttled you would be back holding a $3.00 stock less $7.2B in cash and a very uncertain future. You need a reality check!

    • I will vote NO too. Nokia handset division is worth more than what Microsoft is offering. Especially when its making a come back. Elop screwed us by limiting the sales only to certain carrier's otherwise the numbers would've been much higher. Also Android handset would've been second option instead of selling handset division for this low.

      Fire all the board members and Elop after voting NO.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • blair.wagner Sep 17, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

      Let the lawsuits begin But -it may be that MSFT is getting the short end of the stick,competition in the phone
      business is picking up and will take MSFT a lot of money to keep buying market share. NOK is left with
      two important and growing areas plus their patents. They will now have the money to further develop what
      they have left. If I understand the agreement,NOK can do phones again in 2018,if they chose to do so.
      Having said all that,still think the BOD should have gotten a better price.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • WOW, HOW IGNORANT CAN YOU BE? There is no voting on this, the company sold it's handset division; end of story. Are you guys forgetting the last few years where the bleeding has been coming from and has been a drag on the stock. It seems like some here have short term memory. I remind you the stock was at 3.80 not to long ago and now the stock is on the up and up due to it contingency being sold off to msft. All of sudden you think you can demand more from a money losing division; the hand set unit. Nokia is very thankful to take this off their books and look fwd to developing their IP portfolio and nsn and their mapping tech. People here have some serious balls at times.

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      • It was msft's man who accelatered the losses.It was the same guy at the helm that no only granted some questionable exclusives and furthermore failed to supply and promote the alternatives to the burning issue.
        All the while pretending to work for the shareholders.
        We were had.
        As it turns out even with all the missteps NOK did get some traction and now Msft needs us.
        The big question is ate they truly smart and do a good for all deal or will they continue to sandbag and sink their mobile efforts and perhaps the whole ship.
        I for one have been seriously thinking about migrating to MS beyond the phone.
        Screw me once.

    • Dam the torpedoes. If MSFT wants to steal our shares. Have them do it in broad daylight.
      As ihave said the damage to their brand is worth a lot more than paying a fair price for NOK devices.

    • I am thinking like you.

    • I will vote NO also. If Microsoft wants to be relevant in Mobile, it absolutely needs Nokia's D&S unit. If the deal is voted down, Microsoft has only three choices:

      1. Make a better offer
      2. Start a smartphone company with Nokia where Nokia will be responsible for design, engineering, manufacturing, and support, and Microsoft will be responsible for sales and marketing.
      3. Stay as it is today, but I think now they understand that they have to take over sales and marketing to push the Lumia line more aggressively.

      In any of these three options, I believe the long term Nokia investor will be rewarded.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • 1 question how will we fund a war with apple and samy without msft if they call our bluff and don't sweeten the deal. I presumwe thats what you are really looking for. Or are you proposing we go it alone?. Then what a stock split to raise capital by selling new shares? I hope your not proposing that. The truth is would need a lot of operating capital to fight em that is why we sold the unit we dont have enough capital. Elop squandered what we had am\nd married us to msft so we could ensure the sale of handsets cheap. If we turn on the deal msft will pull the funding they already give us assuming they could do so legally. I think the deal will get done and probably should I just hope earnings are awesome and unit sales are as i suspect...awesome and we can get more money somehow. That is all we can hope for at this point. Unless you have some other idea. I would love to hear some.

      • nokialuvfereverto ya'all and a bababooey!

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