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  • djangoinvestor djangoinvestor Sep 19, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    Anybody check out ZNGA today

    had a nice move up again. not sure what is up with ZNGA?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Up strong in pre-market this morning.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I bought zinga on this day just a thousand shares just added 2000 at 3.80

    • This a Nokia board,get lost!!!!!

    • My ZNGA strong indicators have always been: [1] John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins joined BOD; [2] New world class CEO "chose" ZNGA over MSFT & EA; [3] over $1.4 BB in cash.
      CEO has been "right-sizing" business, improving processes and working his network of people & deals. Look for some exciting announcements shortly that have been percolating.
      With their powerful BOD and CEO, I don't expect anymore missteps; rather, an upward trendline in results and growth, with momentum building into 2014, which I expect will be a "barnburner" of a year!!!!!!!
      When in doubt, return to 1-2-3.............

    • Despite this flat market, the stock keeps inching higher...what gives?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I've been watching ZNGA most of the year... but there are a number of things that just bother me.

      what is the strategy ? I don't see one, except to keep doing what they already were doing and hope they can come up with another 'farmville' ... well those days are gone. So that strategy is not compelling.

      Is the new CEO a creative guy? or business guy? I have a ton of trouble with companies dependent on coming up with a new 'hit' every 6 months. It seems like when the CEO is a creative guy they run it into the ground focusing on ideals. If the CEO is a business type, he loses touch with the consumer and the 'talent'.

      Is the strategy to build up the existing platform and lean it out, then sell to Microsoft to integrate to xbox group?

      the ceo just fired probably most of the mgmt. team which is good, but he needs to clarify what new markets they are going to address and how they will differentiate.

      I might buy some if we get a correction AND the ceo explains his gameplan. Otherwise it seems to just trade off the daily app rankings, which is fine for a swing trade here or there.

    • I own a fair amount of shares in ZNGA. Nothing like here, but, it does seem to be heating up. I hAve a friend that kept telling me Nok is tech, and Dr didn't like tech. I countered by stating Nok is a turnaround story. ZNGA US pure speculation. The new CEO is competent, so, maybe I'll start watching more closely. I'm a little better than even on it. May that will get me interest.

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      • o ny some info if your checking znga for us..Assumtion there...i found another that looks healthier in that sector and the word is facebook is behind them thats why they might be better positioned the ticker is nice looking chart but has it already run or breaking out dunno :)

      • funny you mention that i looked at sec filings today which led me to atvi ol activision so i checked out the board and found a znga s. atvi arguement so I checked the znga board. I gott do some research but it does seem to be heating up. i liked the chart it crossed the 200 day at least during intra day. and it hasnt closed over 200 in like 2 years so that may be a sign. 1000 shares wouldnt kill me so eh i might just to have a toe in if it does something hey thats how i started in nokia.

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