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  • onmythirdmllion onmythirdmllion Sep 21, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    may I suggest the board ignore the twerp named whathappenedtothisboard.


    he is here only to disrupt the board. He needs others to talk for him since he has zero skills to voice an opinion other than attack everyone. I just read that he considers this entire board a bunch of idiots? Man, does he need a wake up call, with the devil that is. I see no one wants to converse with him also, so this could be a the result of loneliness or the and inferiority complex, you know "small man" complex. He is riding the fence of schizophrenia if you ask me. Calling out all of his other aliases to come and save him? OH, my, is that funny or what?

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    • Done

    • I try to view it as a human tragedy but on the other hand, it is extremely annoying case. I know it first hand because I'm one of his favorite targets. This guy admitted once that he is surrounded by 5 laptops, each with different id (constantly changing) His favorite occupation aside of posting annoying posts, is shower posts of ppl he doesn't like, but not only, with thumbs down. Why ?... jelousy, anger or just for the heck of it. Obviously, he can downgrade often very valuable and informative post. This individual is a real menace of NOK MB.

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      • Good morning wow i missed some good mud slinging i see by a new id named whathappenedtothisboard eh' Whats ironic is hes mad at all the new id's and how e2mb has hi-jacked the board yada yada. Well i for 1 have never seen his id so he must be part of the problem. man ! who cares about whos id who is anyway. its all for entertainment on a ymb. If you are really taking any of these posts seriously you better get some help. I love reading all kinds of personalities on ymbs' hell even the negative ones are sometimes entertaining especially when they fight and throw some good insults back and forth. I mean stock trading can be pretty boring between big news events so we might as well F-with each other a little bit. Man! some have some pretty thin skin and they take these boards way to serious.

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