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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Sep 24, 2013 5:19 AM Flag

    --- Elop the Animal

    Didn't I warn you guys for the last 12 months that Eflop was nothing more than a Microsoft plant and that nobody could be that incompetent and that he was purposely destroying nokia to give it to Softy.

    What's shocking to me is that we now know that the BOD was in on it.

    How is this possible? How could Finland have allowed this? This is sick.

    This is why I have zero tolerance for incompetent CEOs - they destroy entire corporations for a bonus payday.

    I would be shocked if we didn't see a massive lawsuit as this is nothing short of collusion. I would be shocked if we didn't see a stake by Icahn and a firing of Eflop with no $25 million bonus and a demand from Softy of at least $20 Billion, to more closely resemble the handset division's value before that mindless idiot, Eflop, released the burning platform memo that destroyed Nokia's Symbian.

    You guys do remember me saying Eflop released that memo on purpose to destiny Nokia. And all the mindless bum-kissers and pumpers who Called me an idiot can now eat my shorts.

    Nokia's BOD, Chairman and Eflop need to be investigated and prosecuted.

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    • Gotta tell ya that I had Nokia phones back in the 90s, but moved to BlackBerry and then to Android (I detest the Apple "walled garden" ser up) and had written Nokia off. Nokia did a #$%$ job marketing their phones no matter how #$%$ fantastic Symbian was supposed to be. I didn't even consider a Nokia phone again until they switched to WP. Elop did the right thing because Nokia had missed their window and headed for oblivion. Your attempt to lambast Elop ignores the glaring mistakes the Nokia committed before his arrival. Nokia knew they were in trouble something you Symbian romantics ignore. I'm happy as can be having jumped in back in July 2012. I would not be a Nokia user today if it wasn't for their WP adoption.

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    • This would constitute a massive breach of fiduciary breach involving a multi-year conspiracy on the part of a lot of folks. Kind of find it hard to believe that they could execute something that complex. And even if they were investigated and prosecuted, who is going to make the shareholders whole? That's billions of dollars. None of the individual defendants have that kind of money and I seriously doubt their D&O insurance would even cover a tiny fraction of the damages. Not worth the trouble at this point.

    • I was wondering what had been of you too.
      With the three Asian monkeys of old running the judiciary nothing will happen. Fait accompli.
      It is a travesty that such impunity can exist.
      I myself have begun wondering if groove, her et all might have been MSFT hires.

    • LOL wow the handset division was now priceless! Even Terro writes that Nokia was in serious trouble back in 2007 and was in a massive tailspin before Elop was CEO.

    • So what do you want to do? Investigated, why? Stop crying, ok.
      This deal doesn't work for you for whatever reason you have, but I'm doing very well, made $30K so far in 3 weeks. You better go someplace else and cry, because I'm not listening to you. Why don't you investigate yourself? This is real money to me big guy, not some philosophical debate or some higher cause. Run away please and cry to Grandma.

    • except for some of us, the PPS dive created an opportunity to do better than a rise to $20+ as you mention later in the thread (without the dive).

    • all this sort of speculation is going to do is bring the pps down. Nokia's hand set division was bleeding cash at an alarming rate and was breaking the company. It is now history, that's good and the pps is up over $2, that's good. NSN's future is bright, that's good. stop complaining.

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      • Wake up you idiot.

        The handset division was hugely profitable and the biggest in the world with Symbian went that idiot took over.

        There was zero need to kill Symbian and leave nokia bleeding billions in cash. There was zero need to go exclusive.

        There was zero need to have part Shorages on crazy phones even 6 months after a launch.

        Wow, some of you moron pumpers are still eating Eflop dung.

        Be happy with $6 when nokia should be at $20+ and with twice the cash and no Microsoft slave?

        You mindless idiot, why do you still have anything to invest with such wondrous gutless stupidity?

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    • I still don't get why BOD of Nokia would be on it. Makes no sense.

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      • Golden parachutes.

        This is why you go BY THE FACTS which is all I went buy this entire time and not what these idiots say case they don't care about us.

        The BOD is made of of a few greedy animals and if they're looking at a massive multi million dollar payout and guaranteed executive jobs at Microsft and all they have to do is pretend this is normal for a couple years - are you kidding?

        That's why they did it: GREED!

        This happens all the time. I'm shocked Finland allowed it. I doubt they did. Expect a major backlash and expect Finland to block the deal unless softy pays much more.

        Problem is the damage is done and so now nobody had any choice cause nokia is near death so nobody can do much. That was the whole idea, and now none will get in trouble cause it was all spelled out in those 900 page reports.

        This is by far, one of the most disgusting things I have seen CEOs do. They destroyed millions of pensions in Finland alone.

        Now you guys understand why I never trusted Eflop and why I was taking a dump on him this entire time. I had no proof but none of his actions made sense. I was calling him a mindless incompetent fool but little did I know he was destroying nokia on purpose.

        I twitted iCahn 3 days before the buyout news broke, so if nokia wasn't on his radar before it should be now...I hope. This animal #$%$ is the reason iCahn exists!

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