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  • f7fighter f7fighter Sep 24, 2013 3:27 PM Flag


    If the board wasnt in on it id say they should ask msft to pay 20 billion in damages before they give em the handset division thats how much was squandered falsley by elop. It was all a set up that is clear now. BUSTED now do the right thing and pay the money back making the stock rise back to around 20pps and then take over the hand set business...simple right??? NO THE F....ING BOARD WAS IN ON IT! assasinating the shareholders and the pps. They were all short probably with elop then went long when elop gave the signal how nasty and illegal right???. man this is a mess this just cant be the end of it right??. This is gonna be 1 interesting earnings call. No wonder Elop just ran out of finland they woulda hung him if he'd stayed.

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    • For someone who holds himself out to be super smart and sophisticated, your slanderous comments are really stupid and show a complete lack of understanding.

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      • o and by the way i added 5980 shares this am so what does that tell ya i believe in nokia .

      • Read the second comment huston. Its just for dicussion. I voted for the sale dude. what else are we gonna due now. Some of my posts are designed to stir your mind and make a little controversy. Im bored with posts like ..."should close green eom" or "nok to the moon!" or "shorts are gonna get burned" Whats funny is if you read some of my posts when the deal was first announced i along with ineedastock were all for elop and the job he did and u guys were all over us at first now you al wanna lick his hairy bean bag!. Im just making fun of him for getting a "PERFORMANCE BONUS" Man i wish i could get paid to F ...up!. So go_nokia_go or Huston_el_mover or whatever im sorry if my silatious posts are to provacotive or even dumb im just trying to incite passionate conversation sometimes pro and sometimes con. Hell i may not even feel the way my post reads its just to get something going so please except my apology if you dont get it... 1st amendment, im a big fan.

    • ok i think i should say this as well. I just find it odd to give any ceo incentive for failing. Thats all. it just wreaks of poor taste at the very least can we all agree on that?. 2nd if elop wasnt trying to drag the co down in such a hurry inorder to get his bonus and to deliver the nokia so cheap to the mothership!. Maybe we would have had more cash on hand and maybe gotten a better offer from someone else just based on the cash flow alone and maybe we stuck with symbian at the same time and not married msft . Maybe someone would have wanted us for a better price with that scenario!. All im saying is WHY??? if your gonna sell anyway why hire elop and drag it to 1.78 before leaking that maybe msft is interested. to get a 7.2 billion offer? YA HAD 20 billion just a year or so ago?. What ever the whole story and the msft/elop #$%$ just sucks and who really lost? again the retail share holders and pention funds and yada yada whatev im just saying its stupid.

    • collusion F i gotta gotta start proofing at least my titles man you know i never proof S on a ymb who cares. SORRY THOUGH!

    • I love how many of you have turned into Matlock and Columbo.

    • Obviously, the board is not acting in the best interest of the common shareholder on this one. They have been converting research and shareholder value into neat windows phones for MS. I think some one has been acting in the best interest for the board & MS shareholders. Now, can you prove it?...hmmm.

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    • If there was collusion and fraud when did it start? Did it happen before or after Elop being hired? If it happened before like some grand scheme devised by Ballmer and other on MSFT Board, including Gates, then how did "MSFT" get Elop a job at NOK? Elop was wealthy before with all his MSFT money, was it money or was it power? Besides that, how did Elop get the job to set up this elaborate corporate deal? OR, was it after Elop got in and did his assessment of NOK and decided to tear the whole company down and leave the best stuff, then he contacted Ballmer or someone at MSFT in 2012 and then concocted a deal, that Elop will sell eventually to MSFT if NOK has strong potential to come back after the clean sweep? Then how did the Siemen deal come about then, did MSFT know about it or were they blindsided? I wonder how that was all determined? Did Elop care about the shareholders by producing more value with the Siemens deal? Sounds naive. I don't know, just throwing it out there. Now Elop got his $25M, but more importantly than the money, he got first crack at the CEO job at MSFT. That's the sweet job! Elop could be a hero turning around MSFT culture and stock price.

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      • I think it was the 2nd senario and much less covet. It was a business deal, not anything suspicous. Elop doesn't have to tell anyone, except his closest people what he was doing. CEO's are allowed to do this. I think some people are panicking unnecessarily by shorts or whomever - Fear is a Mind Killer, don't you know. Please, your paranoia is not welcomed here. I think NOK is the real thing, we got a winner. The deal is done in October as it should be.

    • Not many ppl so far realizes how serious this mess is. is only a beginning. Older longs are screaming, don't forget that during Elop tenure when NOK pps was declaiming not only individual investors were losing money but also many Big Players and institutions also labor unions in Finland were heavily invested now very loudly protesting and demanding justice. Most those big players won't let MS and Elop get away with "crime"
      As I see it now the only solution (if it will work?) is to (and I want to stress) substantially increase the price of an offer and I mean SUBSTANTIAL:LY and as soon as possible. The sharks already smell blood and probably around the corner waiting to attack. They know MS in this situation is very vulnerable and even desperate to save face (reputation) and Elop as a main culprit because they need him badly. Again, it's only a beginning. So let wait and see. As to our situation, I believe that we are better positioned now than ever for better deal (sweetening) IMO, we can and should only benefit from this mess.

    • Elop is a stud and you guys are peons. You deserve what you get.

    • @f7fighter: Judge and jury? To say "busted" is a great overstatement, but then some individuals think there is a conspiracy involved in things that don't go according to what they envision should happen.

    • richeydouglas Sep 24, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

      They are busted and should pay dearly for it... i agree good post.

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