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  • mrsanteph mrsanteph Sep 29, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    we are going down, aren't we? fok

    I can't believe Obama will shut the government or shove obamacare down struggling American's throats

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    • eye2eeye@bellsouth.net eye2eeye Sep 30, 2013 7:27 PM Flag

      The executive branch does not pass funding authorizations----that is Congress. The notion that you somehow believe that the Democrats should concede a Law, to House Republicans who can not muster the needed votes to overturn this same Law in normal legislative processes; only underscores that dumb voters elect dumb representatives to do ridiculous things like waste millions of dollars in tax payers' name by voting 42 times to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

      But, the kicker is that as the silly GOP claims it cares so much for slowing govt. spending, it stands ready to cause this nation billions in dollars by attempting to extort the delay of the ACA, while claiming they are acting out of principle. Elections matter, and as John McCain recently said, the GOP lost the argument, time to move ON.

    • going down like monica Lewinsky in the oval office

    • You idiot...it's the rwnj religitard rethuglicans that caused this.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • please do not turn this message board into a political rant;i come here&others come here to discuss NOK stocks.take your #$%$.I.N.K political rant to the proper place.please!!!!

    • Troubling to see so many gobbling up the plates of steaming poo that's been ladled out from the smiling heads on television. Divided we have fallen into this. Emotional reactions based on visceral fear of the "other" and the need to desperately hold on to ones "side" at the expense of reasoned dialogue and critical thinking are ruling the conversations. These are some of the effects of the cognitive dissonance that has grasped this country.
      Few seem to remember it was a reaction to Hillarys quest for universal socialised healthcare, that Newt and The Heritage Foundation floated this present healthcare scheme in the nineties. Dems don't like to look back there, because it was considered a conservative idea, and Republicans don't want to admit to it now because its called.Obamacare.
      Americans twenty yrs ago wouldn't stand for it, so it got no traction from either base. Americans were repulsed at the thought of being mandated under the threat of incarceration to surrender their money to for profit corporations. Fast forward a generation, and now the men who fought against national socialism in WW2 are dead or infirmed. The fierce sense of independence goes with them. The blurring of lines between corporate interests and government accelerates. A 24 hr news cycle and the marginalization of our elders has engendered a collective memory loss.
      And so, we fight amongst ourselves over ideas that one day come from the right, and the next the left. Without the time or the will to independently think.
      Good Luck.

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      • eye2eeye@bellsouth.net eye2eeye Sep 30, 2013 7:37 PM Flag

        Faux News was still a year away from hatching and Rush 'Druggie' Limbaugh had yet to unleash his poison upon the EIB network---but what is noteworthy is that both in 1995 and apparently here in 2013, it is the GOP who apparently unable to cope with accepting duly valid elections, feel it necessary to act like school girls. Perhaps, it is time for the Democrats to learn an important lesson from the GOP and simply use their time obstructing and preventing the GOP from governing, when the shoe is on the other foot. And, then--perhaps, the GOP will grow the Hell up and accept that elections have consequences, regardless if they feel what is being passed in Law is good or ok.

        45% of time the Dems went along with Bush and Cheney policies. Since President Obama was elected the GOP have supported this President only 5%------and only in that bizzare echo chamber that is GOP Land, do they seem to accept such as normal.

    • This will help stuggling Americans, that's what it is mainly about. If you have health benefits, it doesn't effect you. Instead of struggling americans going to the hospital with out health insurance that WE have to ultimately pay for, they must have it. The people who have more will have to pay more, not me though, because my health benefits are paid in full, no co-pay.

    • For people ignorant of Obama care or not familiar with this health reform. Here are the facts of the basic elements of the reform. You can totally disregard the propaganda of the special interest. The 3 fundamental elements of the reform are:
      1-Every State in the union will set up and regulate a private exchange market place. The Companies participating in these exchanges are all private enterprises.
      2-The Healthcare Reform Act mandates insurance companies to spend 80% of the money they collect on care provided (It was 85% initially but now is 80%.The healthcare industry is adamantly opposed to this rule and we know why. United Health Group, the biggest health insurance company in the country spent 800 million to it's not long ago retired CEO)
      3-The healthcare Reform Act mandates every American to purchase and have a health insurance (This was demanded by the insurance industry to make the reform work but they are now using it to fear monger the whole reform as a government taking over our lives, how convenient huh?).
      4-The healthcare Reform Act mandates all providers of care to publish their rates and fees they charge online to encourage accountability and competition (This is another big problem for the industry as it operates under the dark. Now consumers and the competition itself will see what every Doctor, clinic and Hospital charge you. Not only can you compare the rates all companies participating in the private exchange charge, but now every clinic, every doctor and every hospital in your state will have to publish online what they are charging you and you can compare to what others are charging in your state or any other state.) This rule alone is going to introduce open competition unlike anything else and will eventually drive down the cost of healthcare in this country. Private enterprise and competition at its best.
      These are the basic 4 major elements of the healthcare reform Act. I'm a private enterprise guy, If you are like me,what not to like here?

    • You're delusional dude. Too much Fox News? It's Congress that controls the purse strings and it's Congress that has Legislative control of whether the Country "shuts down" or not.
      Negotiate what? That time has passed. Like it or not ObamaCare is the law of the land.
      There is nothing to negotiate. Congress just needs to sign a Clean CR and thank their constituents for voting their sorry #$%$ into office.

      The Affordable Care Act was approved by Congress and sanctioned by the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land.

    • Medical care in the United States: if you are rich, you get the best of everything. If you are poor, they let you die on the street...

      Unfortunately, the vast bulk of the population are not rich, and cannot afford the unregulated prices being charged by private care institutions and drug companies. Therefore, government regulation is required to ensure prices do not sky-rocket. Those opposed to the Obama care initiates are primarily health service providers that charge outrageous prices for their products and services, and operate as virtual monopolies. They have much to lose, and are employing the use of misleading media campaigns in order to discourage Americans from adopting government funded and regulated healthcare.

      It should be remembered that the United State is not fully capitalist, and has many sectors that are not functioning as legitimate free market institutions. Health care is one of these industries, and it means the average person is being ripped off mostly because companies are colluding together and setting artificially high price ceilings. When the private sector fails, you need government intervention to level the playing field, and curb the power of abusive private industry entities that are colluding, or else they may choose to operate as a consortium. Those who claim that this amounts to socialism are correct, but the key to governing in a successful fashion means finding a center line between socialism and private ownership, otherwise the system will break down.

      In my opinion, the Obama administration is correct to push for reform, and Congress must step aside in order for the nation to function more effectively. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and there is little benefit to the average individual to have the government shut down. If all else fails, call out the army, disband congress, and hold new elections...

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      • I'm not saying we don't need reform. I'm just against the extreme socialist approach of obamacare. healthcare reform is no excuse for any goverment to take over our lives. The same government that discriminated against certain tax exempt applicants due to their political position will now be in charge their personal health files. That's is NOT the reform I want and frankly I don't trust Obama with any on my information cause he is different. He is different in the sense that he WILL use people's information against them. Then he will come out with a cool void and blatanly lie about it national television.

    • Don't look at me, I voted Ron Paul.

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