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  • fairwarning50 fairwarning50 Sep 30, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

    We need a Revolution to take back our country!


    And NOW!

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    • hillbillyjack_from_arkansas hillbillyjack_from_arkansas Oct 1, 2013 7:44 AM Flag

      That Self-serving politcal hack (newly elected texas senator) who pulled that "Look At Me, Ain't I Big" Stunt pretending to be doing it for his country WITH HIS FILLABUSTER B.S. is nothing but a (CLOSET GAY WANTING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT) ! THAT pos NEEDS TO GO !

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    • blair.wagner Oct 1, 2013 7:22 AM Flag

      The solution is very simple. Reduce the number of teaparty and republicans in congress.

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    • Revolutions are always bloody and messy!

      Let's just get over ourselves and get back to what makes this such a great country to come to in the first place. Anyone can come here from anywhere and make a go of it. Some will succeed and some will fail. If you fail, you move back into a city with fellow failures and try to make a go of it. If enough of you get together and buy into your failures over time, you can set up your own little banana republic government and petition the federal government to support your failures. This will work until the federal government runs out of using the successful peoples money. Eventually, successful people catch on to this and either move away or they stand and fight until the failures are killed off or contained within a crumbling city passing into oblivion.

      Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it!

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    • Yes, I will lead it. I've compiled a list of all Fortune 500 C-Level directors and BOD members, Congressman, their addresses, and names of their family members. If somebody would make a few guillotines we can get this revolution started. First, please lose some weight, put down your Play Station, and get a few more bucks from your Mom. You can't expect the other revolutionaries to share their Chipotle burritos with you because antibiotic-free chicken may be in short supply.

    • Let's do it America!

    • The time has come! Take our country back!

    • If the US manages to default, as I understand it on October 17, this will provide the Chinese with all they need to push the US Dollar out of the way and establish the Chinese Yuan as the World's Reserve Currency. Have people not been paying attention to how many thousands of tons of gold the Chinese have imported? The Chinese probably have about 15,000 tons of gold imported about right now and will be able to back up their currency with something of real value. If it doesnt happen this go around, will probably happen sometime between 2015 to 2025 at this point. He who controls the gold makes the rules and our economy and way of life will be allowed to exist at the leisure of another country.

    • From the idiots the Republicans elected that are now holding the government hostage? To arms!

    • eye2eeye Sep 30, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

      The sad thing is, that you aren't joking! This nation belongs to all of her citizens, whether you can deal with that notion is your freaking problem.

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      • Only the citizens? Seems most liberal Democratic media likes to pump up the rites of any illegal immigrants as well. Anyone who makes it across our borders gets an instant say in what it means to be American. I have nothing against illegal immigrants, but if you are a liberal Dem. you are more interested in there third world opinion and taking American money to redistribute to your friends, not whats good for America. The Donald is right, when he points out that the Chinese are killing us in business and they hope to take over the world economy. I hope when they are successful, they will be kind to us writing our history. It will be interesting to see how history portrays our leadership at the end of the American rise and fall.

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    • were too busy causing revolutions in other countries and wars; I'm sorry people but Countries no longer belong to the people anywhere on earth. It belongs to corps, career politicians and the so called few elite.

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      • Are you saying our wars are fought on the backs of our best and brightest young Americans. The sons and daughters who sacrificed blood and treasure so the rich can play politics and get richer. Not sure, but it sounds like you are you saying the rich and powerful control the media. ( Soros, Gates, Buffet, Bloomberg, Microsoft, GE, GM, JNJ, etc. etc. etc.) They have taken and they are not giving back anything to those who protected the American dream from terrorism. The young are tired, maimed and wounded, much like Vietnam veterans, but they are soon forgotten when the rich and powerful somehow feel that they are no longer involved with fighting for there freedoms. Lets get back to a national service for all young Americans. It might be a little different when everyone has a little skin in the game.

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      • were too busy causing revolutions in other countries and wars; I'm sorry people but Countries no longer belong to the people anywhere on earth. It belongs to corps, career politicians and the so called few elite.. so true i give example HOME DEPOT CABLE GIANTS AND OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT

      • I accidentally pressed the thumb down button. I could not agree with you more. My spirit for this country is gone, unfortunately.

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