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  • calbucks09 calbucks09 Oct 3, 2013 8:48 PM Flag

    Bubbles and daytraders

    random observation...

    last time I saw so many people 'daytrading' was 1998-2000...

    last time I saw so many companies bleeding red ink or with questionable business models have hugely successful IPO's was 1998-2000

    last time I saw so many stocks losing money go parabolic at once or trade at 20-100x sales ws 1998-2000

    just sayin....

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    • thermonuke Oct 3, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

      Facebook, LinkedIn,...

      Yelp. Yelp? $4.5B valuation with $6M net cash in the bank?

    • All true BUBBLE i was at dinner with my parents my senior year in HS watching TV when thenews came of the 87 crash um correction sorry. My dad almost choked, back then with no twitter or cell phones or anything you got yer news at dinner and #$%$ your pants till morning. My dad to his credit believed in his long stock picks and added a little... those shares paid for the first 2 years of my little sisters college. The moral F...its me there is no moral whatever nice story #$%$

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