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  • farhan8000 farhan8000 Oct 5, 2013 5:06 AM Flag

    Are Apple and msft fighting for Here Mapping?

    Could there be behind the scenes bidding,counter-bidding for here mapping between Apple and Microsoft? It's a high possibility that Apple will bid high for Here Mapping and Microsoft only card because it can't match Apple price which is 10 B+ is to try to blackmail Nokia.

    Nokia is going to sell HERE and Apple is a willing buyer at any cost but Microsoft can't match Apple price but it has a card to play to try to purchase HERE at the cheap by reneging on its D&S purchase unless Nokia adds HERE for additional 3 billion or Nokia has to agree to provide Microsoft first refusal/buyer for here mapping if or when Nokia decides to offload HERE in the future. You think this is wild speculation, think again!. There is behind the scenes fight going on for Nokia HERE asset.

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    • MSFT already gets full use of Here and the ability to custom program and integrate it. Why would they want to buy an asset that will require massive capital investment?

      Apple is a logical buyer, but they have already bought several other companies, so seems unlikely they would give up on that and do a 180 to by Navteq.

      I do hope Nokia will sell here immediately as I see it as a sinkhole for capex. In terms of consumer appeal Google maps is far superior to Navteq. Google has done a great job of integrating the crowdsourced reviews, restaurant reviews, navigation, and visual mapping.

      Perfect example: if I log into Here and Google Maps right now and search for 'Coffee' to fine the coffee shop I visit every morning which is 5 blocks away..

      Here does not find the coffee shop near me, but find one several miles away, no user reviews, no photo of the location

      Google maps does find the coffee shop, lists 5 user reviews, shows a picture of the storefront so I know what It looks like.

      may sound minor, but that's the stuff that tips the scale for most users....

      Nokia has some cool augmented reality stuff, but they need to plug in another 2-3 billion to catch up to google just in usability... not worth it IMO. hope they can get a bid for it soon.

    • Probably not

    • Doubt it. MSFT already made sure that it will have access to HERE technology By all accounts, they tried to buy HERE but Nokia wouldn't sell because it saw a bigger opportunity in supplying to all comers. NOK is already in 4 out of 5 cars equipped with navigation systems so why take sides? At the same time, there is frenetic startup activity in using the smartphone as a module you can just plug into a car dock with or without an LCD screen to supply navigation, music and other forms of data. The move to LTE, where Nokia is widely acknowledged to be the leading holder of essential patents, is accelerating because of greater and greater demand for connectivity anywhere and anytime.

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    • Believe it or Not Get Ready for the NOKIA CAR.

    • Apple does not just use TomTom they use Open Street Maps and others and are talking to Nokia in the dark. Nokia made a deal with Qualcomm:
      Qualcomm Atheros will use the map data from Nokia's Here brand in the indoor-positioning engine of its IZat platform, which features on a number of its chipsets and, according to Qualcomm, is installed on one billion devices.

      IZat relies on mobile and wi-fi networks to maintain a device's location and will now be bolstered by Nokia's extensive indoor map content, which Microsoft also uses for its own Venue Maps in Bing.

      Nokia has been building Venue maps with the help of 'Here mapmakers' who visit indoor venues, such as zoos and museums, and by collecting floor plans of buildings.

      That is just one deal:

      Nokia plans to use that deep-seeded mapping relationship with automakers as springboard into more sophisticated connected car and infotainment services, Halbherr said.

      “Historically we’ve supplied content to the automotive industry – first maps and now traffic,” Halbherr said in a recent interview at Here’s Chicago HQ. “As more cars get connected we have the opportunity to move up the stack from a content player to a platform player to a services player.”

      What kind of connected car services is Nokia planning beyond mapping?

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      • Halbherr wouldn’t talk specifics, saying the company would reveal more of its strategy soon. But he did say that Nokia is thinking far beyond the dashboard with plans to broach autonomous — or driverless — vehicle technologies and explore ways of integrating the car into larger transportation and “smart city” networks. This melding of the private vehicle into the public network is a topic Halbherr plans to discuss in detail at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in October.

        Halbherr said Nokia envisions cars that can not only direct you or drive you to your destination by the fastest possible route, but also cars that can send you on routes that minimize carbon emissions, that coordinate with the congestion and traffic management systems being developed in large cities and even work in tandem with public transit to more efficiently move people across a densely packed urban landscape. Halbherr said future connected cars can not only tell you the most optimal time to drive, they could also help you avoid driving altogether.

        Connected car or connected cartography?

        In our conversation, Halbherr consistently returned to the lowly map. The map may be Nokia’s automotive “in” and the primary ingredient in navigation systems, but Halbherr said it could be so much more.

    • NOBODY is fighting for Here maps. Microsoft already gets it for free as part of their deal with Nokia, and Apple uses a completely different solution (TomTom).

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      • Are you 100% sure? If not, why make such misleading statement?

      • Microsoft does not get in for free. They have to pay extra for Here and it is not exclusive. You would think there would be a guy or two who could write the IOS app (Still in working). There no Here Cloud Live Traffic Center will be Microsoft, Android & IOS. I should say will be as of this minute. They can make a deal that is where the fun of it is. Not to disagree with you but Apple is fighting for their lives not just fighting. THERE MAPS STILL COME IN DEAD LAST. The money is the thing that is holding Nokia back right now. Hopefully when they get it, they will still use someone's money other than their own. They are sitting on something much bigger than that 1020 camera with their maps. They are the only ones that have made a deal with a chip maker and that is Qualcomm. Quickest way into all the companies. Every day Nokia has the possibility of an announcement. Most people I talk to see something is brewing don't you?

      • Here Drive and Here Maps are much better than TomTom. Apple is desperately trying to fix their mapping disaster. TomTom will not place Apple mapping on top.

    • Wishful thinking Farhan.....Apple already bought 2 (Tom Tom is one) mapping company to compete but they sure do bought the wrong ones......Furthermore.....navteq was bought for 8Bil spent another 4Bil in R&D....So Looking at a very successful mapping platform may ding a price to a staggering 18 bil and above...Here has the biggest mapping coverage, bigger than Google, you can check this out.

    • My view on the status of HERE - Nokia spent a $7-8 billion to purchase HERE a few years ago, and has taken the revenue from HERE and put it back into the business, so to date HERE has yielded precious little return to Nokia. If you expect an asset to yield 20%, HERE's value/investment to Nokia should have theoretically more than doubled in 5 years.

      I believe HERE is finally(!) in position to generate profits. Also, it is a technically capable, well-managed business, and the broader software/hardware engineering community (in MSFT, Samsung, car companies, other enterprises that need maps - UPS, Fed-Ex, others such as Oracle) recognized that and trust HERE to deliver a quality product. I believe HERE is on the cusp of generating some very good profits for Nokia, future profits not acknowledge in current valuations of Nokia, and Nokia's share price.

      Last point - HERE is easy (for lack of a better term) for Nokia to keep - it operates out of Chicago, not Espoo, so it is not a big distraction for Nokia executives, which, given it's past costs and potential for future profits, again makes it easy to keep.

      Nokia executives know more about this than anyone else, so they will make decisions based on information and plans we don't have access to. But, given my limited information, in my opinion Nokia won't sell maps unless they get an offer they can't refuse - in the meantime they're in the driver's seat (pun intended), with MSFT, Samsung, and possibly Apple, interested in doing business with them on maps - certainly not a core business for either of them, but something they need to engage in given competition from Google maps.

      HERE is an underappreciated asset for Nokia, and will stay with Nokia for the foreseeable future.

      My 2 cents on the subject.

    • Yes.

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      • There is mapquest kind of throwing a problem out. More than one owner or it is hard to tell. I use to go into Mapquest when it was a little three room office in Columbia, MD when there was no Internet just paper maps. Nokia has the MapQuest app on the phones. Mapquest does not work correct or I am doing something wrong. It is pretty good at starting the program by showing you where the hell you are. Here blows it away and has other advantages and things in the works. If Here would just start by showing you where you are at. There are only a few of them out there. So you are right about the battle. These battles can take years though.

    • leestoller Oct 5, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

      Agree, HERE is #1 !

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