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  • the_fed_sucks the_fed_sucks Oct 5, 2013 8:59 PM Flag

    Bought NOK at $3 and now wonder whether to get greedy or

    take my nice profit. Thoughts? As in SERIOUS thoughts? Thanks.

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    • I bought 1000 at 5.50, then 4000 at 2.51. When it hit 6.39 I banked it. Got lucky with this high risk bet and did not want to push my luck. That's my 2cents for what it is worth.

    • I will be in after Oct 17th. I used to make a decision to go in before Oct 17th but I realized there are incentives for both sides to get ugly....hence, i'll only buy into Nokia after Oct 17th. This is assuming the debt issue is cleared.

    • sold about 85% of my shares. My average cost basis was about $2.50. The shares I still own I have sold covered calls. Personally, I think there is little upside potential in the next 6-12 months.

    • I suggest you rephrase your question - you should ask if you should sell - only you know your personal financial situation.

      What you really want to know is the future of the share price of Nokia - how much, and when.

      Consensus of Wall Street analysts says Nokia is going higher from here. I happen to agree. There are unknowns - the real value of HERE is not clear - they're working on improving HERE, how, or when, those improvements will impact profits is unknown. If you trust Nokia management, you hold based on possible future profit increases with HERE.

      Same with the value of patents.

      Same with NSN - a volatile sector, depending on how many contracts NSN wins, and that will vary and is hard to predict. Still, I think the trend will be up, and NSN has a very good chance of increasing it's market share with new technology innovation.

      It's NSN that presents the most risk - if someone else develops a fantastic telecom tech innovation (which is possible), NSN could be toast. Chances of that are small, but still worth noting.

      Broadly speaking, sell part (25%?) of your holding to capture gains, hold the rest and recalibrate as events unfold.

    • ibsale Oct 6, 2013 4:34 AM Flag

      you bought your share at $3 which means you have made over 100% profit on your investment.

      NOBODY will say you are a fool even if you decide to cash out now and stop trading for the rest of 2013 because 100%+ profit annually is consider incredibly successful investment !!!!

      To answer your question, why don't you look back at the first reason you invest Nokia when the company is doing poorly and the future seems uncertain. If your answer is because you are willing to take a gamble that Nokia has no place to go but up, then congratulations you made the right bet !! However the company is now doing so much better and the future is brighter than ever and you are saying you are more concerned ?

      HOLD and LONG !

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      • I guess some people can sell some if doom is around the corner, especially if you had a nice profit. But NOK seems like it has a positive future, I don't think it is speculative anymore, so to hold is not a bad thing as well. But let's say the market crashes if the debt ceiling and gov't shutdown is not resolved after 10/17, you got all your gains and you can wait to buy real low, so you look like a genius. But, if it can all be resolved with possible add on goodies, the market will rally and you missed out. Then you will buy at the higher price, but at least you had your profit. If you want to get real cute, then sell and wait. If you hold, you may take your short term hit in the face "or" all your shares rally and you haven't missed anything. Remember, you got to pay 15% capital gains tax - is it worth it?

    • Stay thirsty, my friend.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ya,my cost basisi is 3.88,
      up some 75% or something,
      and I don't know wat to do
      as well..average out? hold,
      hey its all unrealized until i
      start taking some , I'm just not
      sure, gosh, if I went to collage,
      I would know wat to do...omgosh..

    • Learn to use options, and keep selling CALL instead of getting rid of your shares since your ahead of the game. You got all the leverage and gain. If you got tons of shares.......Nokia got more fuels here, it just matter of When? $10- $12 Pre-Elop Time should HIT! Nokia is better than Nokia 2yrs ago!

    • That huge sell block the other day did nothing to the stock. The pattern it is on suggests resistance at 4.25. But looking from a longer term perspective technically speaking if it breaks 4.00 it could not have the pull back it's been having. I would imagine that it stays under five till the end of the year to wrap up the share buyback program. Then it breaks five in Jan and funds start buying. My two cents.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Stay long, will be up a couple by yr end!

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